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How many times can a 10000 mAh rated Power Bank fully charge your iPhone?

by Poweradd Offcial November 16, 2016 2 Comments

When it comes to high capacity power banks, you might probably think the higher the capacity, the better the power bank is, to some degree, it makes sense to put it this way. But it is still a puzzle to most people how to correctly and accurately calculate exactly how times a 10000mAh power bank is able to fully charge your iPhone.

Don't take it for granted that the actual times would be the result of the 10000mAh divided by specific iPhone battery capacity. Whereas, that's not exactly the entire basic facts.

So How many times can a 10000 mAh Power Bank fully charge your Phone?

What factors should we consider? 

The exact times a power bank can fully charge your iPhone may be closely related to the following 3 main factors.

 1.  Power Conversion Rate

Generally speaking, no matter how you describe a power bank is capable of recharging iPhone impressively fast, all the quick charges definitely depend on the battery's power conversion rate. Most power banks' built-in batteries meet the standard power conversion rate 80 to 90%. According to a few 10000mAh power bank reviews, reviewers pointed out the battery packs do their job well with high power conversion rate. This proves it matters a lot in charging efficiency.

2.  Phone Battery Health Condition

Your iPhone's battery health condition is another important factor that has great influence on a 10000mAh power bank's charging performance. iPhone's battery will gradually degrade with age as it suffers charge cycles. To reactivate the charging times of a 10000mAh power bank for your iPhone, you might need to refresh your iPhone battery by using some sort of Apps to bring it back to a healthier state.

3.  Charge Cycle

Hundreds of 10000mAh power bank reviews tell us Li-Polymer battery cells in power banks serve iPhone better. As we compare so many 10000mAh power banks, we realize the different types of battery cells will directly result in different performances. We are sure the power banks with Li-Polymer battery cells will prevail. For example, Poweradd 2GS 10000mAh power bank, made up of A+ li-polymer battery cell, features over 300 charge cycles to recharge an iPhone well.

Based on the above factors, we can precisely calculate how many times a 10000 mAh rated Power Bank can fully charge your iPhone.

Check the iPhone series battery capacities:

  • iPhone 7: 1960mAh
  • iPhone 6S: 1715mAh
  • iPhone 6: 1810mAh
  • iPhone 7 Plus: 2900mAh
  • iPhone 6S Plus: 2750mAh
  • iPhone 6 Plus: 2915mAh

Apply the formula:Power Bank capacity * Conversion Rate *  Phone Battery health rate / Phone battery capacity,  

So a 10000mAh power bank fully precharged can full charge your iPhone: 

  • iPhone 6: 10000 mAh * 80% * 80% / 1810 mAh =3.55 times
  • iPhone 6s: 10000 mAh * 80% * 80% / 1715 mAh =3.75 times
  • iPhone 7:  10000 mAh * 80% * 80% / 1960 mAh =3.25times
  • iPhone 7 Plus: 10000 mAh * 80% * 80% / 2900mAh =2.2 times
  • iPhone 6s Plus:  10000 mAh * 80% * 80% / 2750mah = 2.35 times
  • iPhone 6 Plus:  10000 mAh * 80% * 80% / 2915mah = 2.2 times

Buy the best collection of 10000mah power banks at amazon. 

According to these figures, we'll be amazed at how many times a powerful power bank can charge our iPhones. We believe the calculation method might intrigue you in a way and perhaps you might be interested in the best 10000mAh power banks and how to choose a power bank.

Poweradd Offcial
Poweradd Offcial

2 Responses


February 07, 2017

How can you mention that 80% is the right value. I have seen a large variety of original power banks at http://doortodoor.pk but many of them might have more than 80% conversion.


February 04, 2017

There can be lots of different factors. If you want to buy power banks in Pakistan, you should think that what mAh you want.

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