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How to Choose the Right Power Bank for Tablets and Smartphones

Today Let's talk about how to choose the right power bank for yourself. 

A power bank  could be one of the most awesome inventions for people who use mobile phone and tablet or other portable devices on the go. Because the help and conveniences it provides are very impressive, keeping devices working under any circumstance.

Power Bank

Power banks, inevitably, vary in sizes, battery capacity, designs, function and performance etc. How should we pick right power bank that will serve us the best? The following factors will be clearly listed on how to choose the right power bank for your smartphone and tablet.

    1.  Physical Size

      If you choose the wrong size, your power bank could be more than a hindrance than a help. Conversely, a perfect size will go off without a hitch especially you always carry it wherever you go.

      Power Bank slim 2

      For ultra compact size, Poweradd Slim 2 and Anker PowerCore+ mini would be the best choices for you. These 2 power banks are the most typically pocket-friendly size to carry along and hold in hand easily.

        2.  Battery Capacity

          Capacity is a factor that most users will consider with top priority because it will directly affect the charging ability. If you plan to get a power bank for quite a few devices that demand quite a lot of charges, you should think about the high mAh rating.

          Power Banks

          It's believed that the higher the mAh the better performance it has, but we must confirm it's the actual battery capacity.  

            3.  USB Ports

              Obviously, more USB ports seem to be more convenient for reloading multiple devices at the same time.

              Power Bank

              However, a capable USB power bank doesn't need too many ports, 2 to 3 ports are the best ones as long as they work greatly.

                4.  Charging Output

                  The charging current a power bank outputs is important. If you expect quick recharges for your devices, you'd better choose some power banks with quick charging outputs, generally, at the very least, over 2.1A for the output amperage.

                    5.  Casing and Material

                      Everyone is looking for a compact and portable power bank. Yet it'd be durable when it's already lightweight enough for portability. As far as the durability is concerned, we focus on the hardness of the casing, the material itself.

                      Power Bank

                      Poweradd 4GS is a good example of power banks with pretty sturdy casing and durable materials. It's well designed to be robust and light. Another example can be the ZeroLemon ToughJuice power bank. With high ruggedness, the solid power bank is strongly resistant to any accidental drops, wear and tear.

                        6.  Quick Charge

                          Based on Qualcomm certified QC3.0 quick-charge technology, some well made quick charge 2.0 and 3.0 power banks become extremely popular for those who intend to save charging time for some high-demanding devices.

                          Power Bank

                          The Quick Charge 3.0 absolutely works perfectly for your devices, like Poweradd 10050mAh Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 charger, it offers unbelievably quick recharges with the QC 3.0 output. Besides, it's also downward compatible with QC 2.0 devices.

                          7.  Built-in Cable

                            As we learn further about power banks, we even expect it to be more user-friendly and caring. Such as the new type of built-in cable power bank models. Easyacc 6000mAh Ultra-Slim Power Bank is one of a kind compared to the power banks you usually see. The extra built-in cable saves your cable and it still works fine when you forget to bring the charging cable.

                            Power Bank

                            And the same goes to RAVPower 9000mAh Power Bank, it serves your devices with an extra cable likewise, and the built-in cord is an Apple Lightning connector which is best for iPhone or iPad owner.

                              8.  Solar Power Bank

                                With electrical outlets, you may depend on power banks, what if your power bank happens to be out of juice itself, in this case, solar power banks run the show. A solar power bank is trustworthy because it functions wherever the sun shines.

                                solar Power Bank

                                Poweradd Apollo3 8000mAh solar charger is a pretty good choice as a solar power bank. It's known for quick and stable solar power conversion efficiency.

                                These are the 8 main aspects you might want to consider looking for the right power bank for your smartphone and tablet. Try not to be ripped off by various power bank sellers. Take every detail into consideration and make every penny you pay worth the price.


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