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Top 5 Best 10000mAh External Battery Power Bank to Buy Under $20

There're quite a few things about buying a useful power bank, such as the battery capacity, how it looks like, how many USB ports, how quickly it charges, how smart it can be, etc. Yet it's the price that you'd never overlook. If you are looking for a 10000mAh power bank, it's never the more expensive, the better. Suppose you like everything else about a certain power bank and are getting kind of hesitant about the price, you might as well skim the top 5 best 10000mAh external battery power banks at cheap price under $20 we recommend today.

So How many times can a 10000mAh Power Bank fully charge your Phone?

The exact times a power bank can fully charge your Phone may be closely related to the following 3 main factors.

  1. Power Conversion Rate, Most power banks' built-in batteries meet the standard power conversion rate 80 to 90%
  2. Phone Battery Health Condition, Your Phone's battery health condition is another important factor that has great influence
  3. Charge Cycle,  the different brand types of battery cells will directly result in different performances. We are sure the power banks with Li-Polymer battery cells will prevail.

    Apply the formula: Power Bank capacity * Conversion Rate * Phone Battery health rate / Phone battery capacity,

    Now let’s take a look the best 10000mAh power banks under $20 2017

    No.1   Xiaomi 10000mAh Power Bank.

    The popular xiaomi 10000mah power bank only charges you $19.39. Considering that it has advanced highly dense battery chip inside, 9S circuit protection and 2.1A USB output, the price is actually worth every penny. It looks thick and sturdy, like a palm-size brick that make it portable and useful.

    No.2   Poweradd Pilot 2GS 10000mAh Power Bank, Only $15.99


    10000mah power bank

    The power bank from poweradd brand surprisingly only costs you $17.99, which is fair enough for a 10000mAh power bank price. Despite solid shell made of aviation aluminum, it's extremely light and portable to carry around. It charges better by A+ Li-Polymer battery cells and built-in microchips for greater safety.



    No.3   OnePlus Power Bank.

    The power bank from Oneplus sells at only $19.00. Its design is a brand-new simplified style. It features world-class lithium polymer battery, which sounds very reliable. Together with the large battery capacity, it also includes good protection against overloading.

    No.4   Ravpower 10500mAh Power Bank

    10500mAh Power Bank

    This power bank sells at an attractive price $19.99, which they are trying to make it more competitive, claiming that it does contain a lot of high-tech things. But consumers are usually more concerned the price itself.

    No.5   Easyacc 10000mAh Power Bank

    Easyacc 10000mAh Power Bank

    Also sells at $19.99, does it sound tempting? Other that all the similar features, this power bank is in particular known for it longer periods of replacement guarantee, 18 months.

    Overall, there are inevitably way too many choices for you when you are trying to get an affordable and helpful 10000mAh power bank. It's wise to take the price into account when buying something. No matter how great they are, they have to be worth their values.

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