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Best 30000mAh Power Bank Portable Charger You Can Buy Now On Amazon

by Poweradd Offcial December 19, 2016

A portable power bank is great helper in life. When you have a smart portable charger in hand, you can use your mobile devices freely without worrying about battery consumption. Power banks, especially high capacity power banks, have gradually gained popularity among smartphone and mobile tablet device users.

A good power bank is a most useful and portable tool that is able to charge up your high drain devices swiftly and promptly. Good portable chargers always come in handy in design. And the great variety of designs keep changing all the time because people are always looking for the best power banks with the quickest charging. And it usually demands premium battery cells and high battery capacity to make that happen.

Based on this point, a great many power bank brands are trying to improve the power bank's built-in battery for optimum performance in recharging. Multiple and diverse new technologies are applied to expedite the charging process, prolong the battery life, optimize the heat dissipation and battery protection.

Now what to consider priorly buying an ideal power bank? --- The capacity: the most striking factor.

For example, a 30000mAh power bank is capable of recharging your devices in a super quick way and meanwhile it has the great capacity of quite a few charges waiting for the next round. Power bank's capacity will technically have a directly proportional influence on its charging speed and charging times. It refers to capacity in which means the total power capacity measured by multiplying mAh by voltage; and refers to capacity in mAh, the milliampere-hour is an important specification. It means the amount of power flow supplied by a certain powerbank at a specific voltage. And this manifests how fast a power bank can charge your devices.

Since the capacity is so critical to a power bank's performance, let's objectively evaluate 4 best 30000mAh power bank portable chargers you can buy now on Amazon.

1.   Poweradd Pilot Pro3 30000mAh (4A Input)

Poweradd Pilot Pro3 power bank is a great 30000mAh portable charger, with a portable size 7.8 x 5.6 x 1.3 inches. Except the high capacity 30000mAh, it has 3 output USB ports and 2 input ports, 4.2A in total for the output current rating and 5V/4A in total for the input current rating. With the immensely improved input speed by double input ports, it only calls for about 9 hours to charge up a 30000mAh power bank.  

Due to sufficiency in power within, it's able to fully charge your iPhone 7 more than 10 times or a Nexus 6P more than 5.5 times, or a 9.7-inch iPad Pro 2.5 times. This might sound incredible but it's true. Poweradd Pilot Pro3 30000mAh power bank is engineered to perform brilliantly for quick and adequate charges.

2.   Aukey 30000mAh power bank with quick charge 3.0

Aukey 30000mAh power bank is one of the best high capacity portable chargers with quick charge 3.0 technology. The quick charge 3.0 feature enables the power bank to give approximately 4 times as fast as ordinary power banks. Thanks to the AiPower Adaptive Charging Technology, the dual output USB ports can charge your devices at up to 2.4A.

3.   ZeroLemon USB-C/Type-C 30000mAh External Battery with Quick Charge 2.0

This ZeroLemon power bank is a great 30000mAh portable charger: it comes in handy, a creatively and neatly built design. You would be impressed by the removable lids of input and output USB ports for protection. It looks more like a bluejeans with quite a few pockets: 1 Type-C output, 1 QC 2.0 output, 3 USB outputs with 1A respectively, and 1 5V/2A Micro USB input. With so many ports, it can easily serve several devices at the same time.

4.   Anker Powercore 26800mAh power bank

Anker PowerCore 26800mah power bank features a capacity of 26800mAh, a bit less than 30000mAh, but this high capacity power bank is still a great choice. It charges your devices impressively with its exclusive PowerIQ Technology. The 3 output USB ports will deliver up to 3 amps' charging current per port, and possible 4 amps all together through the 3 ports. This power bank is solidly built with a sturdy hard casing, smart LED indication and safety protection against any charging problems.

These 4 power banks could be the best 30000mAh Power Bank Portable Charger You Can Buy Now. They all feature in high battery capacity and multiple output USB ports for conveniences of mobile devices' simultaneous charging. The high capacity will surely brighten your mood: the bigger, the more power juice it contains, and the less you need to charge the power bank itself.

Poweradd Offcial
Poweradd Offcial

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