Waterproof iPhone 7 Case

The 6 Best Waterproof iPhone 7 Case

It would mostly brighten your day using Apple's latest generation smartphone iPhone 7. But obviously a bare iPhone 7 is vulnerable to damages from all aspects. A reliable waterproof iPhone 7 case will effectively protect your iPhone 7 from water splash and other possible wear and tear.

Waterproof iPhone 7 Case

There are 6 best waterproof cases for iPhone 7 that have gone through innumerable recommendations and continue to enjoy high favor with quite a respectable crowd.

1.  Lifeproof FRĒ SERIES Waterproof Case for iPhone 7

Waterproof iPhone 7 Case

It has a perfect layout with full access to buttons and controls, making the USB port still accessible even with the case on. It meets IP-68 Ingress Protection Rating, able to keep ice, water, snow, dust away completely.  

2.  Wetsuit iPhone 7 Waterproof Rugged Case

Waterproof iPhone 7 Case

Claimed to be the world's first topless waterproof mobile phone case, it has a patented cutting edge design. And it's so proud of its IP68 rating, which has total protection from water and dust. Another feature is its superior touch screen sensitivity.

3.  Hitcase Shield for iPhone 7

Waterproof iPhone 7 Case

It's believed to be the thinnest waterproof iPhone case, with a 11.1mm thick aluminum frame. Despite protection against water, scratches and scrapes, the phone's sensors, ports and screen are still as accessible as it was without the case.

4.  iPhone 7 WaterProof Case from i-Blason

Waterproof iPhone 7 Case

This is a quick-release phone case with a thin, light and simple design. It's strongly resistant to water splash and dust with rated IP67 under IEC standard 60529, which makes it qualified for the job to protect your precious iPhone 7.  

5.  iPhone 7 Waterproof Case | Ghostek® Atomic 3 Series

Waterproof iPhone 7 Case

It has full access to all buttons, ports and controls of the phone with its simplified design. This stylish design can personalize your phone with both decoration and protection. How waterproof is the case? It had been tested in deep water for over 30 minutes for its ability to resist water. The case meets such rigorous standards and it's so capable of keeping water splash away from your iPhone 7.

6.  MX-AP7P-BK IP68 Waterproof Case

Waterproof iPhone 7 Case

This IP68 waterproof case for iPhone 7 Plus comes with a carabiner as it's uniquely designed for outdoor sports. It supports Touch ID, touch screen and easy controls for buttons and ports. IP68 waterproof is a high level for waterproof smartphone case because it inures your iPhone to severe weather outdoors.

Pick a trusty case for your iPhone 7 and enjoy using it under all circumstances especially when the case is waterproof.


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