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8 Outdoor High Tech Camping Gear & Gadgets You Must Have

Camping is a great activity for all the family and there are hundreds of good reasons to start camping adventure. For example, you'll enjoy the extra oxygen created by trees and other various plants at your campsite; you'll feel totally relaxed when laying on the grassy campsite; you'll enjoy absolute silence of the nature; you'll feel the comfort of a warm tent on a cold night; most importantly you will probably try some new camping gear and keep bragging about your new gadgets to your fellow campers.

Gearing up for your camping trip, you might need the following 8 outdoor high tech camping gear & gadgets we recommend, which will back you up for a most pleasant outdoor camping trip.

1. The Osprey Atmos 65 AG Backpack

The Osprey Atmos 65 AG does its job well in backpacking thanks to a practical and comfortable design, particularly in the frames and the AG suspension. The entire back panel together with the waist belt makes it able to load up to 40-45lbs. Other than that, it also contains multiple user-friendly pockets available in case of need.

2. Poweradd Solar Battery Charger

Going out to play, it's always a great idea to take a solar battery charger for a rainy day, actually for a sunny day. This Poweradd 60W Foldable Solar Panel is a great choice. After setting up your campsite, unfold this solar panel right in the sun. It will absorb the heat from sunlight and convert into battery power promptly because of a remarkable 22% solar conversion rate by means of high-tech SunPower solar arrays. Moreover, what makes you less concerned about the damp at your campsite is the water-proof and weather-resistant canvas wrapping the solar battery charger.

3. Quick Charger 3.0 power bank

Suppose that you need to reload your devices inside your camp instead of charging them in the sun, you'd love to use this Poweradd Quick Charger 3.0 power bank. The backup power bank is recharged so that you won't get sunburst. This advanced Quick Charge 3.0 Charger is powerful and quick in recharging your devices. It takes about 35 minutes to charge a device up to 80% of battery level. It has a high capacity: 20100mAh, giving almost 3 charges for an iPad Min 1st generation, for example. So you can freely and frequently use your cellphone and tablets during camping.


This inflatable Solar Light is brand-new design with 8 vibrant colors in total. It's colorful, waterproof, lightweight and completely solar. It will bring you some highlights in camping nights and will sure dazzle your fellow campers' eyes. This Luci light is something awesome in darkness for your playtime.

5. In-Ear Earphones

This Poweradd in-ear earphones are also something gorgeous for night camping with its sharp blue shining glowing feature in the cords. The lightness will vary with the beats of music you are listening to. They are a pair of stylish and dynamic headphones for night camp parties. Other than the glowing cords, there's a built-in microphone for hands-free calls, with remote control to work on Apple and Android devices.


This Lifesaver bottle is a robust and portable water filter capable of delivering up to 6,000 litres of clean water for individual use. This bottle is really a lifesaver for a rainy day. In case that all your water and beverages are out and you stay in outdoor camping for a super long time, this bottle may help you out. Better safe than sorry, especially on a dark night camp.

7. SpareOne Emergency Phone

The SpareOne Emergency Phone is a perfect solution to adventures and unexpected situations, like a dark camping night without connection to the outside world. It helps you easily connected with others for an emergency situation. It's powered by 2 AA batteries, get them prepared and don't need to charge the phone. To be more specific, it is able to locate and alert for emergencies, and also glow in the dark as a flashlight for panic siren and SOS signal.

8. Tentsile Tree Tent

If you are planning a camping trip, a tent is essential. So it's crucial to pick an ideal tent. A Tentsile tree tent is what we'll strongly recommend. The good-quality Tentsile tree tent is durable, easy to install and uninstall and also gives you much space inside the tent. It features a full insect mesh top with four doors and a removable rain fly for unbeatable views. The insect mesh stops mosquitoes and bugs well and the rain fly stops even heavy rain due to the durable materials.  

With all these above-mentioned stuff, you would definitely go wild and free in your camping trip. With all these well packed and set, you may rest assured and make your camping trip sound much poetic and romantic. You can absolutely indulge heavily in conversation and drink with your fellow campers.

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