Apple MFI Certified Lightning Cables

5 Great Apple MFI Certified Lightning Cables for your iPhone or iPad

When you have an iPhone or an iPad, you might come up with the idea that it probably needs a spare charging cable in case your original cable is somehow unavailable. When you decide to buy a lightning cable for your iPhone or iPad, it's essential to identify an authentic Apple MFI lightning cable.

To tell good cables from counterfeit ones, we strongly recommend the following 5 great MFI lightning cables to charge your iPhone or iPad. These very top five are your perfect choices if you want to avoid buying some non-certified knock-offs.

1.  Poweradd 2 in 1 Lightning & Micro USB Charging Cable  

Apple MFI Certified Lightning Cables

This MFI lightning cable is characterized as a brand-new EL light glowing cable. But the glowing EL light won't dazzle your eyes. It's harmless to your eyes and makes the 8-pin lightning cable glaringly visible in the dark. It's durably built, tangle-free and performs greatly in syncing and charging connection. Alternatively, Poweradd has another Apple MFI certified lightning cable that's fully compatible with the latest iOS 10 system. It charges fast and stably as expected.

2.  Anker PowerLine+  Lightning Cable (10ft)

Apple MFI Certified Lightning Cables

This lightning cable is a gorgeous one. It's well manufactured with double-braided nylon and laser-welded connectors. And it's been thoroughly tested for a reliable lifespan. Besides, the 10-foot length for a charging cable is undoubtedly enough to freely charge your devices.

3.  iXCC 3 Feet Apple [MFICertified] Lightning to USB cable

Apple MFI Certified Lightning Cables

This charging cable takes pride in its authorized chip issued by Apple. Thus, you will find it absolutely compatible with Apple devices. And the charging performance is totally guaranteed due to premium material and workmanship. Maybe the only drawback is the 3-foot length.

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 4.  AmazonBasics Apple Certified Lightning to USB Cable - 3 Feet

Apple MFI Certified Lightning Cables

This Apple lightning cable features a smaller connector head design which makes it easier to fit in most iPhone or iPad cases. It's also known for the first-class copper wire inside for durability. Naturally it works perfectly with MFI certification to sync data and recharge Apple devices.

5.  Fuse Chicken Titan Lightning Cable 3 Ft (MFI Certified)

Apple MFI Certified Lightning Cables

This is really something we rarely see. It's so dramatically made of metal, like a shower head pipe. This metal cable will last very long and can be used anywhere you like, nothing seems to be able to break it a little bit. Most importantly, it's still an MFI certified lightning cable. Except its resistance to any damage, it charges your Apple devices well.

All in all, an Apple certified lightning cable contains the lightning connector that really matters, because non-certified ones would most likely cause trouble and damage to your iPhone or iPad. The lightning connector is a proprietary connector created by Apple. In order words, if you buy a replacement cable that's certified by Apple, you are keeping your Apple devices healthy.

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