Effectively Extend iPhone & iPad Battery Life

10 Useful Tips to Effectively Extend iPhone & iPad Battery Life

Now more and more people become so into their iPhone and iPad applications that sometimes they almost forget about the time. It looks as if they can't live without them. Hereby we are sharing 10 useful tips to extend iPhone and iPad battery life considering that iPhone or iPad is used so frequently and the millions of apps within are demanding such high power consumption.

10 Tips to Extend iPhone & iPad Battery Life

1. Turn on Low Power Mode
First off, an easy and smart step is to turn on Low Power Mode. By doing this, your power is saved to some extent. When you turn on the low power mode, many background activities like mail fetch, automatic download, app refresh,etc will turn off.

2.  Lower your brightness

Another accessible tip, lower the brightness so that you can enjoy more playtime. Lowering the brightness is also helpful to your eyes.

3. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not needed.

This is simply sensible, especially when you are not using them and they are still occupied and that causes a waste of battery power.

4. Kill "Hey Siri".

The battery power is enormously consumptive getting the Hey Siri voice activated. If you really don't need it and you are planning a long time play, you'd better turn it off.

5. Stop Location Services

Location services is useful while your using the Maps app, but it eat more battery than necessary.  Stop location service if you don't need and This is a smart move.

6. Get external power banks for iPhone or Battery Case


As you use iPhone or iPad so much, you might think of getting a power bank for iPhone or iPad to cure the battery problem. Take a portable power bank or battery case with you. We recommend Poweradd 10000mAh power bank as your iPhone or iPad companion.

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7. Kill Push Notifications from Apps

You should shut this down likewise because such notifications contain a lot of information you don't actually need to know, yet it immensely swallows you battery.

8.  Reduce Auto-Lock time.

This point could be easily overlooked but it does help. Naturally, shorten the Auto-Lock time and save some battery power.


9.  Check for updates

Check for updates for a latest system to avoid a huge potential power drain in older versions of system .

10. Turn off 4G  

In many cases, iPhone or iPad with 4G occupation is found heavily drained in battery. Turning it off to prolong the battery life is definitely workable.

Among the 10 tips to extend iPhone and iPad battery life, aside from the settings in iPhone or iPad itself, carrying a portable power bank for iPhone or iPad is the only extra power backup plan. With a smart power bank, you can enjoy your phone more freely.

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