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Multi USB Wall Charger Adapter Review: The 7 Best Wall Chargers on Amazon

Merry Christmas! Are you ready for Christmas? Santa Claus is coming to town, together with his deer cart and millions of surprising gifts. As we are counting down to Christmas, we can see a lot of hot Christmas deals on Amazon. And we can take this opportunity to prepare some awesome gifts for our family and friends. Let's check out the best wall chargers on Amazon in 2017 with customers' reviews and recommendation.

This list is not merely a ranking for the best of the best ones, but these wall chargers do enjoy a lot of good reviews and they really work brilliantly for people. Let's take a closer look.

1. Anker Elite Dual Port 24W USB Travel Wall Charger PowerPort 2 with PowerIQ and Foldable Plug

This Anker Elite travel-friendly dual port USB wall charger is selling at a most reasonable price $10.59. It's a great idea to get it as Christmas gift. The wall charger works greatly with up to 2.4 amps per port or 4.8 amps in total. The charger is made with robust casing the premium internal components for best performance and durability. It's designed to have a foldable plug that fits 100-240 volts input. This wall charger has been reviewed by 1,390 customers, and enjoys 4.5 stars on average.

2. AmazonBasics Two-Port USB Wall Charger (24-Watt)

This AmazonBasics 2-port USB wall charger has 1,280 customer reviews with over 4.5 stars' rating. It sells at $9.99. It's been selling like hot cakes and now it's temporarily out of stock. But good news is that it can be available anytime. The 2-port USB wall charger is rated 24 watts power which is enough to charge up to 2 devices simultaneously. It's compact, small and portable, ideal for smartphone, tablet and other USB devices. It's an intelligent wall charger that can automatically detects your devices with automatic shut-off function for protection.

3.  Poweradd Quick Charge 3.0 USB Wall Charger with USB C Output, Foldable Plug

This Poweradd Quick Charge 3.0 USB wall charger is an Amazon's choice with 106 pure 5-star customer reviews. Sold at a good price $14.99, the Poweradd wall charger is well made to be compact, user-friendly and multi-functional. It features advanced Quick Charge 3.0 Technology, which makes it possible to charge your USB devices up to 4X as fast as standard chargers. The Quick Charge 3.0 USB port is able to charge compatible devices from 0% battery level to 80% in just 35 minutes, and it's backwards compatible with all previous versions of Qualcomm Quick Charge. It has the lastest USB 3.1 USB Type-C interface with 5V/3A's charging output and the built-in SI smart charging recognition chip can recognize your device and optimize the fastest charging with up to 2.4 amps’output current per port.

4. Anker 60W 6-Port USB Wall Charger, PowerPort 6

Let's see the #1 Best Seller: Anker 60W multiple port USB wall charger, with up to 3,198 customer reviews. For the 6 USB charging ports, the charger is selling at a comparatively higher price $20.99. Howerver, it will be worth the price with the 6 USB ports that can charge so many USB devices at the same time for you, suppose that you have so many devices. Anker's MultiProtect safety system and UL certification ensure complete protection for multiple devices.

5. iClever BoostCube 4.8A 24W Dual USB Travel Wall Charger with SmartID Technology, Foldable Plug

This iClever BoostCube wall charger sells at $10.59. With simplicity and portability in design, this wall charger has been incredibly popular through the year. It's been a #1 Best Seller with  11,709 customer reviews. Thanks to the Smart ID Technology, the charger can recognize your device and maximize the charging efficiency. It features internal protection for long period of charging for a wide variety of smartphones and tablets.

6. USB C Wall charger, Poweradd 52W 4-Port USB Desktop Charging Adapter, 30W USB Type-C with Power Delivery(PD)

This Poweradd USB-C wall charger is a good choice for your USB-C devices. It has 4 USB ports to meet your need of charging multiple devices. It has a USB-C port with Power Delivery and 3 standard USB ports. This wall charger has a powerful PD port that can charge your device quickly and conveniently. It can charge your device battery from 0% to 80% capacity within 35 mins, 4 times as fast as standard chargers, twice as fast as QC 1.0, faster than QC 2.0 by 38% in efficiency. Backward compatible with QC 1.0 and 2.0 devices. With up to 3A high charging speed for all USB C devices, it supports Nexus 5X/6P, MacBook 2015/2016, Nintendo Switch, Pixel C, Lumia 950/950XL, Nokia N1, Chromebook Pixeland other USB C devices.

7. USB Wall Charger, Charger Adapter, Ailkin 6-Pack 2.1Amp Dual Port Quick Charger Plug Cube

These 6-pack USB wall chargers come in different colors that will brighten your Christmas and everyday life. The total output 5V 2.1A and input 100-240 volts let you charge your 2 devices simultaneously at fast speed. AILKIN chargers have full protection against overload, over current, voltage and heating to keep your devices safe. These 6 pack USB adpaters are small in size, vivid in color design and ready for charging a good many devices for your home and office.
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