Power Banks with Lightning Connector

Top 5 Best Power Banks with Lightning Connector for iPhone and iPad 2017

You can easily find millions of power banks online. They show you different designs and specifications to charge mobile devices like a smartphone. And there are some latest power banks particularly designed to charge iPhone and iPad as they come with a lightning cable for better simple charge.

The Top 5 Best Power Banks with Lightning Cable for iPhone and iPad we recommend today are the best USB power banks 2017 with quick charge and portable sizes.

1.  Poweradd 4GS Power Bank with Lighting input

Poweradd 4GS Power Bank with Lighting Cable

Poweradd Pilot 4GS 12000mah portable charger is a smart power bank with a 12000mAh capacity and a sturdy case that will charge your phone four or five times. It focuses on Apple devices's charge by a dedicated Apple lightning input design. It comes with an MFI lightning cable for your iPhone or iPad. 2 smart output USB ports and 1 smart lightning connector for quick input recharge. This power bank has classic black, silver versions and the latest rose gold for a new trendy fashion. It embodies a functional and fashionable charging device for your iPhone and iPad.


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2.  RAVPower 9000mAh Power Bank With Lightning Connector

 Power Bank With Lightning Connector

RAVPower 9000mAh Power Bank is a smart power bank with great convenient for Apple, Android mobile devices. Instead of frequently-seen multiple USB output ports, it has an Apple MFI certified lightning charging cable, built-in style; a standard USB output port, and a unique AC plug. That means, it also functions an adapter at home and in office. With a 9000mAh battery inside, it's able to fulfill many charges based a full precharge.


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3. Poweradd Pliot 4GS Plus 20000mAh External Battery

GS Plus 20000mAh External Battery

Poweradd 4gs plus 20000mAh Portable Charger has a built-in lightning cable that is for Apple devices' quick recharge. This power bank has a convenient built-in cable design, that's to say, it allows you to charge your Apple devices without using another charging cable. It also has another USB port for Android phones.


4.  Jackery Bolt 6,000 mAh power bank with Built-in Lightning & Micro USB Cables

Power Banks with Lightning Connector

This power bank, rated 6000mAh, is able to charge 3 devices at the same time: built-in lightning cable to charge a certain Apple device and a built-in micro USB cable to charge a USB device, and a standard USB output port to charge a USB device. Due to the built-in cable design, Jackery Bolt power bank is designed to be much smaller. It's a portable pocket-friendly power bank on the go.




5.  Mophie powerstation plus 3X power bank with lightning connector

 Power Banks with Lightning Connector

This power bank is elegantly designed with a compact size. The integrated lightning cable and Micro USB cable greatly saves its space and offers users more conveniences in recharging devices. It's able to charge your drain devices quickly with a 2.4A fast output. Despite compact size, it has perfect layout for the built-in battery and circuitry, providing safety to your devices.

6. AUKEY 30000mAh Portable Charger with Quick Charge 3.0, Lightning & Micro-USB Input

 Power Banks with Lightning Connector

The 5 Best Power Banks with Lightning Cable for iPhone and iPad feature the most popular built-in style charging cables. They allow you to charge your mobile devices easily without using an extra cable. And this is reckoned as one of the most creative and helpful features for a multi-functional power bank.

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