360 Degree Panoramic Cameras

Top 5 Best 360 Degree Panoramic Cameras You Can Buy On Amazon

Most of us feel comfortable using a trustworthy panoramic camera for security surveillance as well as traveling. There're always quite a lot of mysterious insanely beautiful sceneries on the outskirts, waiting for us to explore. And a panoramic camera can keep the whole picture as far as your eyes can see deep in your album, and in your memory.

When it comes to wonderful photo albums you've got, some panoramic photos are an essential collection for your best memories. As you take a tour somewhere, you would probably like to take a look at it, from a highest spot where you can stand. Because that could be the spot you might take a 360 degrees panoramic view at the small town, village or some sort of suburban area. In order not to miss some spectacular landscapes and sceneries that could take your breath away, you seriously need to have a 360 degrees panoramic camera while you are on your journey.

Check the following 360 panoramic cameras we strongly recommend. They enjoy good sales and reputation on Amazon.

1. Ricoh Theta SC 360° video and still camera (Salmon)

This 360 degrees camera will help you capture the world you see in one single shot. The camera gives you fully spherical 360 degrees images & videos with high resolution, using bright F2.0 lens. It's widely compatible with both iOS and Android devices as you would like to share your photos or videos online. It has a unique Theta+ App for editing spherical images.

2. Poweradd Dual 210 Fisheye Lens 360 Degree Panoramic Wi-Fi Function Portable Wireless Digital Video Camera

Poweradd 360 Degrees Panoramic Camera is made of 6 layers of high-definition optical glass. The dual 210° fisheye super wide-angle lens enables you to take 360-degree panoramas in one shot. It’s designed to shoot professional 080P@30fps, 720P@60fps videos and 12MP photos. This camera has a VR function for you to enjoy the fantastic VR mode with the help of a VR helmet. It supports WIFI control and features easy WIFI connection with the APP on your smartphone, allowing you to check videos and images on your phone. This camera has a handheld design with a user-friendly portable size for you to use effortlessly anytime, anywhere.

3. Insta360 Nano 360 Degree Camera VR 3D Panoramic Point and Shoot Digital Video Camera

This 360 degrees camera is widely compatible with iPhone 7, 7 plus, and iPhone 6/6S, 6 plus/6S plus, alternatively, it can be used alone. The portable camera has dual 210 degrees fisheye lenses with 3040x1520 resolution@30fps. It supports real-time 360 video/photo sharing on Facebook for live streaming.

4. Veoker IP Camera Wireless Wifi 360 Degree Panoramic 2.0 Megapixel 1080P 2.4GHZ Security Camera

This panoramic security camera allows you to see the entire room in HD video quality in the daytime and at night as it has a night vision. The night vision features great visibility up to 16 feet in complete darkness. The camera has a motion detection function that can sensor anything that's moving in the room and keep you informed immediately. It's an ideal security camera for surveillance.

5. Panoramic HD Video Action Camera 190 Degree Fish Wide Angle Wi-Fi Wireless Waterproof and 360 Degree Anti-shaking Outdoor Action Camera

This HD outdoor action camera has 190 degrees 7G+1IR ultra wide language lens and 360 degrees panoramic view angles. The 1.5-inch wide OLED high-definition screen offers you a great variety of image preview modes, including hemispherical mode, ring mode, panoramic mode and multi-angle fast recording. It's a user-friendly camera with which you can use your mobile phone to share your photos and videos effortlessly on the internet.  

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