Surge Protector Power Strips

Top 10 Best Surge Protector Power Strips with Multiple Functions and Protection 2017

Seeing that the electronics manufacturers' keenest competition are well underway all the time, they just can't wait to explore something new and put new thoughts into new designs to create something new to regain their competitive edge. Hence a great number of household items, high-tech electronic products have showcased some surprising features. Let's skim the following list which advisely unveils what's new about the latest power strips with surge protection.

List of Top 10 Best Branded Power Strips of 2017
The new technologies will be a great boost to conveniences and safety for your life. This most updated List of 10 Multi-Purpose Power Strips of 2017 includes the most up-to-date and upgraded power strips designed with multiple purposes that will greatly simplify your life.

1. AmazonBasics 6-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip.   
Surge Protector Power Strips

This AmazonBasics surge protector turns one outlet into six with surge protection. All you need to do is to simply plug the power strip into a 3-pronged grounded AC outlet, and switch it on. The built-in power switch makes it very easy to turn off a few electronics at a time. It's a great power strip for home and office.

2. Anker 6 Outlet, 4 USB Port PowerStrip/Surge Protector.  
Surge Protector Power Strips

Anker power strips are as well-known as Anker itself. Anker power strips have simple and neat designs. This 6-outlet, for example, has incredible AC power expansion, allowing you to connect 6 electrical appliance simultaneously. It comes with 4 built-in USB ports in the design. With both USB and AC output available though, this power strip has guaranteed safety.

3. Poweradd 3-Outlet Power Strip 5-foot Heavy Duty Extension Cord with 3 USB Charging Ports.  
Surge Protector Power Strips

Poweradd has aslo been one of the most trustworthy brands in electronics. Poweradd's power strips have been sold all over the world because of its durability, quality and reliability. For example, the UL-listed 3-outlet power strip is built with a strong 5-foot heavy duty extension cord and 3 USB charging ports for multiple electrical and devices to connect.

4. AUKEY Power Strip with 12 Outlets and 6 USB Ports & 5ft Power Cord
Surge Protector Power Strips

Aukey devotes itself into its most updated electronic products to make them useful and safe for customers. Like this 12-outlet 6-USB power strip, it has 12 AC outlets and 6 USB ports for smartphone, Bluetooth speaker, tablet, computer, printer and so on. It's a perfect unit for your multi-tasking routine.

5. iClever BoostStrip IC-BS01 Portable Smart Power Strip/USB Charger, 4320 Joules Surge Protector
Surge Protector Power Strips

iClever BoostStrip has 4320 joules high power rating for surge protection. It has a low-profile design, 2 surge protected AC outlets and 4 USB prots. The power strip, with a very small and portable size for travel, is very helpful to all your USB devices and electrical appliances. It has reliable proteciton from over current, over heating, and short circuit.

6. Belkin 12-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip with USB
Surge Protector Power Strips

Many surge protectors include a guarantee against property damage from failure, so is the Blekin surge protector. It's rated 4000 joules to withstand power surge. This power strip allows you to connect up to 12 electrical appliances without worrying over loading, over heating issues as it completely safeguards your devices with its reliable surge protection.

7. BESTEK 8-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip
Surge Protector Power Strips

Bestek designs on surge protector power strip have been very popular among costumers because Bestek always tries to make products simple, powerful and safe. This 8 outlet surge protect has a 6-foot-long strong cord to keep power connection safe.

8. TROND Prime Mini 2-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip with USB Charger
Surge Protector Power Strips

This Trond power strip has been low key about AC outlets, only 2 outlets, but it has more USB ports than you expect, this 5 smart USB charging hub can take good care of your multiple USB devices at the same time. It has a very compact design that fits perfectly on your desk.

9. RAVPower 8-Outlet 700 Joule Surge Protector Power Strip
Surge Protector Power Strips

This RAVPower power strip has 8 standard 3-prong gournded NEMA 5-15 power outlets with surge protection for homes and offices and 3 iSmart USB charging ports to charge 3 USB devices simultaneously. It acts as a great surge protector with automatical shut-off function for protection from surge, spike etc.

10. APC 8-Outlet Surge Protector 2630 Joules with USB Charger Ports
Surge Protector Power Strips

APC is one of the leading companies that engage in power protection technologies. This APC 8-outlet surge protector is engineered with 2630 joules power rating for surge and spike protection. This power strip has a 6 feet cord and features 180 degrees rotation for more convenience in using. 

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