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The Best USB Car Charger with Reliable Features That Help on the Go

Clunky wired battery chargers, which you need to plug into your 12V socket in your vehicle, are history. Now a beautifully made USB car charger will take over their job. An excellent USB car charger is a great helper in your car because it's light, small, compact and usually sold at a reasonable price, unless you might consider those insanely expensive ones.

USB car chargers become popular and essential because its USB port(s) can provide power to a great variety of USB-compatible devices, like your smartphone, tablet, music player, et cetera. When the USB port is applied in vehicles, the car charger turns 12V DC and 24V DC into DC 5V that shares the same voltage for USB devices and various battery chargers. Therefore, USB car chargers can be widely used in vehicles to match the standard power and USB ports for DC 5V devices.

So, to buy one of the best USB car chargers on the market, what shall we consider? We are going to list three main features that a useful car charger must include.

1. USB Ports.
It's important to check the details of the USB ports, how many ports the car charger has, how well it's made, and check if it fits the standard USB devices. If you buy this thing online, all you can see is the product pictures, zoom them in and take a closer look, carefully. And read the specification about USB ports, to confirm USB types, USB-C, USB 2.0, 3.0 etc.

2. Amperage Rating.
A USB car charger's amperage rating means the amount of charging current. Naturally higher amperage will help the charger charge your devices faster. For most Apple pads, Android tablets, they requires only 1 amp to charge at a normal speed. For iPhone 5, 5c, 6, 6s and above smartphones and advanced Android phones, it's ideal to use a USB car charger with 2.1 amps for better charges.

3. Compatibility.
In order to charge your devices safely, it's wise to carefully check the compatibility of the USB car charger, to see if it fits the cigarette ligher port in your car. Also, check if the USB type fits your smartphone.  

The most typical car charger has two ports which enable you to recharge two devices simultaneously. Let's take a look at some good examples on the market.

1. Anker 24W Dual USB Car Charger, Price: $9.99

Up to 4.8 amps or 2.4 amps per port. (Does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge).
Certified Safety: Anker's Multi-Protect safety system ensures complete protection for you and your devices.
Compact Design: One of the industry's smallest ever USB car chargers, with two USB ports and an LED light for after dark.

2. Poweradd Stainless Steel Dual-Port 3.4A Rapid USB Car Charger Cigarette Charger, Price: $6.99

Stainless Steel Design: This dual port USB car charger is well engineered with solidly-built premium stainless steel. It can be used as an emergency hammer in case of need.
Dual USB Port Car Charger: These 2 smart USB ports can automatically detect your devices' voltage and deliver the fastest charging speed, up to 3.4 in total. Your will get your devices easily charged up within a short time.

3. AUKEY Car Charger, Flush Fit Dual Port 4.8A Output, Price: $8.99

It charges 2 devices simultaneously at full speed with 5V 2.4A per USB port.
Compatible with all USB powered devices including Android, Apple smartphones and tablets.
Built-in protection: Guard against overload, excessive current, over heating.

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