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The Best Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for iPhone 7 with Optimal Eye Care

by Poweradd Offcial June 20, 2017

A good iPhone 7 screen protector can protect your iPhone 7 from unexpected scratches or any other kind of damage. In the meanwhile it also does a good job in protecting your eyes. With the unique eye caring tempered glass material, it will make you feel less fatigued and have more energy using your iPhone.

What makes the best tempered glass screen protector for iPhone 7 ?
The best features of iPhone 7 screen protective films are generally listed as below:
Size, it has to be perfectly fit with flawless cutouts for the new generation of Apple phone, iPhone 7.
Thickness, when an iPhone wears a protective film, it's supposed to look like it's wearing nothing on it, and work as normally as before.
Hardness, that's why tempered glass screen protectors are so highly recommended, with greater hardness, it will protect iPhone 7 in an all round way, keeping off damages, dust and dirt.
Special coating, a nice coating will make it easy to clean, and make fingerprints disappear.
Easy installation, it naturally needs to be effortless to install or remove a screen protector.

Five good recommended iPhone 7 screen protectors on Amazon:

1. Poweradd Apple iPhone 7 Screen Protectors
They come in 2 pack, designed with perfectly fit size for iPhone 7/6/6S 4.7 inches. It features smooth 2.5D rounded edge design and 9H hardness for excellent tempered glass protection. The super clear protective film has high transparency for great visual effect and optimal eye care.

Price: $8.99 for 2-Pack iPhone 7 Screen Protectors

2. G-Armor iPhone 7 Screen Protector
G-Armor iPhone 7 tempered glass screen protectors are made from a special reinforced processed glass, designed and built to withstand any external damage and scratches. To ensure the touch screen sensitivity of your devices not affected, the back of the screen protector is covered with a strong silicon adhesive for easy installation and prevention of any gaps between your device and the screen protector.

Price: $7.99

3. Yootech iPhone 7 Screen Protector
Yootech tempered-glass screen protector offers a good solution to the protection of your iPhone 7 screen. The 99.9% transparency provides an optimal natural and high definition viewing experience and the 0.3mm thickness with 2.5D curved edges ensures 100% touch accuracy and screen sensitivity.

Price: $7.85

4. JETech 2-Pack iPhone 7 Screen Protector
These screen protectors for iPhone 7 have different cutout design which makes it much easier to install due to the larger cutout at the top. The convenient installation allows you to easily remove and replace the screen protection without the need to spending a lot of effort to align it with the ear speaker cutout on the screen.  

Price: $8.99

5.  Meerveil Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 7
MEERVEIL screen protector's high transparency and sensitivity has very low reflex light for eye care. The paper-thin screen protective film allows you to experience the iPhone's HD display. The package contains guide sticker, dust absorber, cleaning cloth for cleaning and maintenance.  

Price: $7.49 2-Pack

It's a great idea to get a reliable screen protector for your iPhone 7. Make the screen scratch-resistant as a screen protector resist daily wear and tear for your better use of your phone.

Poweradd Offcial
Poweradd Offcial

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