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The Best Mobile Travel Charger Power Bank External Battery Pack

A dead phone on the going journey may ruin everything in your schedule if you ever expect a pleasant and leisurely journey. Before things go awkward and frustrating, you still deserve to use a portable power bank to avoid such a crappy day. The best portable power banks for travel, in the first place, need to be portable in size, light in weight and powerful in output rating, so that these power banks can help charge your cellphone up easily. Putting a useful power bank in your handbag or pocket is really what you should do before your travel because it can keep your phone battery going no matter how many high drain apps are killing your battery in there.  

Mobile Travel Charger

How Portable
A pocket-friendly power bank should be perfect. An ideal size should be almost the same as a frequently-seen smartphone, like a Samsung C7, or slightly bigger. It's always Okay to be somewhat thicker but no one expects it to be too heavy. A pocket-sized power bank is easy to store in handbag, backpack, even your pocket and a palm-sized one makes itself most portable to carry around. You would never expect something bigger than 6 inches for the length, 3 inches for the width and 1 inch for the thickness.

How Lightweight
Of course, a powerful power bank with a quality high output battery inside has to be a little heavy holding in hand. Yet a compact size in the design with the inside battery well engineered will still make it light and handy. The ideal weight should be around 10 ounces.

How Powerful
2 USB ports are becoming more and more popular so 2 ports is a must in output design. The output amperage will decide how quickly a power bank can fully charge your cellphone. So, if you can get something like a 5V 3A output power bank on the market, it’s a great choice.

How Cheap
Speaking of prices, we need to evaluate something by defining whether or not it’s a worthwhile investment. The value of a power bank mainly depends on the quality of the battery inside because that will decide how long it will last fundamentally. Generally a power bank with a capacity 10,000mAh is worth $20 around.

Some Best Examples of Portable Power Banks for Travel

Poweradd Pilot 4GS 12000mAh Portable Charger
Sale:     $21.99
Size (LWH): 5.43 inches, 0.54 inches, 2.91 inches
Weight: 9.12 ounces
Output: USB1-5V/3A; USB2- 5V/3A
Capacity: 12,000mAh

12000mAh Portable Charger

The specs for this power bank meet the standards of an ideal portable power bank for travel. It comes with an Apple lightning cable. This portable power bank has aluminum alloy for the casing, which is extremely durable to stand scratches and drops. The grade AAA+ LG Li-polymer cells and premium microchips built in ensure long battery life and plenty of power juice it's able to contain. It's easily controlled by one user-friendly power button and has 4 small LED indicators to show battery level by percentage, 1 for 25%.

Anker PowerCore 10000mAh Power Bank
Sale:     $23.99
Size (LWH): 3.62 inches, 2.36 inches, 0.87 inches
Weight: 6.4 ounces
Capacity: 10,000mAh

10000mAh Power Bank

This Anker power bank is noticeably smaller in size. It has only one USB port though. It comes with a Micro USB cable and a travel pouch for conveniences in travel. The extremely compact design won't take up much space of your bag or pocket. This high capacity power bank, with a 10,000mAh capacity, is able to provide more than 3 solid charges for an iPhone 6S for example, which means, you can take this little power bank along with you and enjoy your travelling for a whole day without worrying about dead battery problem.

ROMOSS Sense 10 10000mAh Power Bank
Sale:     $17.99
Size (LWH): 5.27 inches, 0.63 inches, 2.84 inches
Weight: 6.88 ounces
Capacity: 10,000mAh

10000mAh Power Bank

This 10000mAh power bank comes with a 1-foot Micro USB cable. The smart output USB ports provide optimal charging current for your devices to get recharged most quickly. It's one of the most typical thin and light power banks. And the power it carries, fully charged, can meet the need for an iPhone 7 over 3 solid charges.

When you are looking for a portable power bank for travel, naturally you will expect it to be convenient and useful, hoping that the cable will be easy to connect and there wouldn’t be any hassle using the power bank, because you might be using it on bus, train, something like that, instead of using it on a cozy sofa.

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