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Best place to find a trusted supplier online for wholesale power banks

by Poweradd Offcial October 24, 2016

Power banks become incredibly popular all over the world for their great conveniences and technologies in recharging your mobile devices on the go. Some useful power bank with high battery capacity sell like hot cakes and some creative designs also enjoy a favorable reception from the crowd.
Suppose you are establishing a line of business of electronic products, you might as well try the most typical and popular product the power bank. Looking for new business opportunities? Here we recommend one of the most qualified and reliable suppliers of wholesale power banks.

The trusted supplier of power banks and related electronic products: well-known brand Poweradd.

See what Poweradd can supply in details: a great variety of power banks of different designs and performances, professional wholesale team with utmost customer services, besides, trusted brand Poweradd has achieved quite a lot of best sellers on Amazon store. All Poweradd power banks are designed to have a pocket-friendly compact size and a high capacity.

For example:
No.1:   Poweradd Pilot 2GS 10000 mAh Power Bank or the latest  10000mAh Power Bank with 3 Smart USB Outputs and Flashlight

81HUeFW1GaL._SL1200_ wholesale-10000mah-power-bank_

Both of them sell at a humble price. And the newest power bank has 3 USB ports, a 10000 mAh large capacity, quick input design and extra LED flashlight.

No.2:   Poweradd Pilot X7 20000mAh Portable Power Bank

Poweradd charges you only a very affordable price for this model which will charge a lot of your devices.

618lK6j2rrL._SL1200_ wholesale-20000mah-power-bank
Huge capacity: 20000mAh; auto detect technology; high input and grade A battery cells.

No.3:   Poweradd QC3.0 10050mAh Portable Power Bank

poweraddddd1200_ samsung-galaxy-note-7-quick-charge-power-bank
Qualcomm certified QC3.0 technology ensures quick recharge and long battery life. This power bank provides you with long battery life in recharge circles and perfect protection by the reliable LG Li-ion battery cell.

Why choose us?
Poweradd specializes in consumer electronics accessories and we've risen quickly as a recognized top-ranked seller and top-rated brand on Amazon in power bank categories.


We look forward to continued growth and welcome new opportunities to increase sales and expand our regional distribution.  As an poweradd business partner, you can look forward to the following benefits:

Regular launches of new and innovative products

Certified quality (CE, FCC, RoHS)

Professional partner support

Distributor Pricing

Overall, Poweradd is an ideal platform for wholesale power banks and related products. If you are searching trusted suppliers online, Poweradd, with all the advantages, could be your best choice. You can easily reach Poweradd by visiting Poweradd Official Website, locate Contact Usor directly contact via Poweradd Wholesale email: wholesale@ipoweradd.com.

Poweradd Offcial
Poweradd Offcial

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