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The 5 Best Travel Power Strips With USB You Can Buy From Amazon

by Ebay Lepower March 14, 2017

Amazon is rich in creative and practical designs of new types of power strips for household as well as travelling styles. Thousands of electronics sellers try to rank higher showing the features of the power strips and fighting over the prices and services.

And why would you choose a best power strip for your travelling?

A portable power strip is great to have especially when you are not home. Instead, during your travels, business trips, you would spend a lot of time staying in airports and hotels, where wall outlets are not always so accessible, they might be set far between and frequently few outlets available. You can use a travel style power strip to extand the outlets for your need and make the plugs and cords to reach your devices more easily.

Moreover, a travel power strip with USB is more popular because it can quickly recharge your smartphone and other USB-enabled devices before the batteries are completely dead.

Here are a few recommendations that might cater to your need.

1. Poweradd 2-Outlet Mini Portable Travel Surge Protector
This Poweradd brand travel power strip has a simplified and neat design, bright green color, together with unique wrapped cord. Why has it been so popular? It's because customers love the compact design with portable size that's cut out for travel use. Other than that, it features 2 standard 3-prong grounded NEMA 5-12 power outlets with surge protection. It's believed that 2 outlets and 2 smart USB ports are extremely ideal for travelling because basically people wouldn't carry a lot of devices on the go.

2. Zettaguard Mini 4-Outlet Travel Power Strip
You will find this Zettaguard travel power strip handy in travelling for its mini size 7.60 x 3.30 x 1.30 inches. This desktop power strip has a space-saving design. It's a multi-purpose charging station, allowing 4 electrical appliances and 5 devices to get charged simultaneously. The 2 grounded AC outlets rated at 1700 joules can effectively defend again voltage fluctuations, surges and spikes. The smart little blue LED indicators let you know if your devices are well connected for charging.

3. Travel Power Strip with 2 Outlets and 3 USB
This extremely small travel power strip is well made to be freely toss into your handbag or briefcase while you are travelling or on your business trip. Despite a card's size, it has 2 outlets and 3 USB ports available for your devices to recharge at the same time. It's built with a 3.3 feet long cord that will meet your need of convenient use in motels, hotels or office.

4. 360 Electrical 36053 Power Curve Mobile Surge Protector
This power strip is characterized by its 360 degree rotating outlets. This gives more flexibility and conveniences for charging indoors, making the outlets go with both your devices and the electrical outlets in the house. As the great thought has been put into this rotating design, they also focus on the power strip's size. It's engineered to be small and portable for the purpose of travelling.

5. Poweradd [UL Listed] 2-Outlet International Travel Charger
This one is pretty awesome! It's a UL Listed travel charger and comes quite a few different plugs that makes it useful in different countries you might travel to. With the US, UK, AU, EU and JP plugs, this unit enables you to travel around the world without worrying about incompatible plugs in a certain country. A 8.5 x 5.1 x 2.6 inches size and incredible worldwide compability makes a perfect cross-border travel power strip.

These recommendations for the best portable power strips with USB are highly ranked in Amazon and are sold proudly around the globe. The electronics designers and engineers definitely deserve another round of applause if you would like them.

Ebay Lepower
Ebay Lepower

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