Apple Watch Power Bank Charger

The 5 Best Apple Watch Power Bank Charger Battery 2017

Portable Power banks are used to charge mobile devices like a smartphone. Almost all power banks of different brands share this general purpose. They seem to gain greater popularity as a dedicated charger for some devices. Because the sellers believe a new power bank designed for a certain well-known device, like an iPhone, an iPad or an Apple Watch, will outscore other competitors with the help of the famous brand.

This tactically brilliant idea in power bank designs will prevail. For example, people choose a power bank for their Apple Watch, they will search a wide range of power banks to find one that fits the most. Some power banks have perfectly engineered specification and performance for Apple Watch.

The 5 best portable power banks for Apple Watch 2017 are more than a branding and promotional tool. They charge Apple Watch well with their portability and premium built-in batteries.

1.  Griffin Travel Power Bank Backup Battery

Power Bank Backup Battery

This backup battery for Apple watch is designed as a key loop, light and portable, exquisite and practical. It carries enough power to charge your Apple Watch 2.5 times before it needs recharging.

2.  ZENS Apple Watch Charger Power Bank

Power Bank Backup Battery

This Apple Watch Charger can freely charge your Apple Watch wirelessly. The 1300mAh built-in battery can give Apple Watch 3 charges, and more than 2 charges for Apple Watch Series 2, 42mm. The Apple MFi certified charging pad is pocket-friendly, designed for travel and business trips. You can recharge your Apple watch anywhere with a charger of this small size.

3.  Nomad Pod for Apple Watch

Nomad Pod for Apple Watch

This Nomad Pod for Apple Watch is a solidly-built super compact power bank with anodized aluminum housed 1800mAh battery. It looks elegant with the beautiful lines and color. It's able to hold your Apple Watch snugly thanks to 2 strong magnets on both sides.

4.  Oittm Pocket Sized Apple Watch Portable Charger

 Apple Watch Portable Charger

Oittm pocket-sized power bank works fine for Apple Watch Series 2, 1, Nike+ in a wireless manner by a 900mAh battery inside. This stylish key chain charger design will meet the need of travelers, bus commuters bikers, joggers who are often on the go and use Apple Watch as much as it usually runs out of juice.

5.  Amber - A Watchcase Power Bank for Apple Watch

 Power Bank for Apple Watch

This power bank for Apple Watch is uniquely designed as a case which protects your Apple Watch while it's being charged against any scratches and scrapes. Thanks to the adorable and creative design, long and tangled charging cable is no longer your concern. This Amber charger, fully precharged, is able to give 6 solid charges for your Apple Watch with its 3800mAh actual battery.

These 5 are the best power banks for Apple Watch 2017 you can find online currently. As long as you have a device like the well-known Apple watch, you should show no surprise at seeing some professional dedicated power banks appear in the market.

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