ActivityTracker, the Fitness App

Review: ActivityTracker, the Fitness App, Something New on the Planet

Want some best fitness trackers for your wearable gadgets, like Apple watch or just for your iPhone? Here's an updated roundup of the best fitness and activity trackers that might intrigue you to some degree.

ActivityTracker, the Fitness App

If you are looking for the best fitness trackers for your wearable gadgets, all versions of Apple Watches, or just for your smartphones, like your iPhone, you might as well get to know what a fitness tracker or an activity tracker is all about.

It's a new type of application that can be used for monitoring and tracking fitness-related metrics such as distance walked or run, calorie consumption, and in some cases heartbeat and quality of sleep. It's just a very smart app that can calculate and track your statistics for your running, jogging, cycling, swimming, dancing and all kinds of workout, helping you lose weight and stay fit. And now new fitness trackers can do more than that, it can easily monitor your heart rate, track your sleep and and give you some friendly warnings, such as a sedentary warning. It simply reminds you of your sport schedule.

ActivityTracker, the Fitness App

The most popular fitness apps currently:
Lose It!
Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker
Endomondo Running App
Nike+ Running App
Strava Running and Cycling GPS

But, today we are going to focus on an advanced app for fitness tracking, that is, the ActivityTracker. ActivityTracker is absolutely something new on this planet nowadays. Let's put it this way, it's an app that can track your all-day activity without the need to use your GPS or wear a fitness gadget. This is the most striking difference between the app and others.

Energy-saving New App
ActivityTracker can be used all day long without turning on the GPS in your smartphone or smart watch, so that your phone or watch can last much longer without draining the battery for the app.

Fitness App

Without Wearing another Gadget
This is special. This app provides great convenience of tracking your all-day activity without wearing another gadget, or remembering to charge it from time to time.

Fitness App

ActivityTracker's new motion processor is available in iPhone 5S or newer, Apple Watch and some newer Android devices. ActivityTracker can help visualize your daily, weekly, monthly activities effortlessly; easily track your active calorie burn, distance, active time; it can show you all the important data at a glance, etc. It's one of the most advanced and convenient fitness apps that are worth recommending to anyone! Give it a shot, you will have the most fantastic experience.

For more information about ActivityTracker you can go to the app's website or to its page on AppStore.




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