Touch Bar on your Old MacBook

How to Get the New Touch Bar on your Old MacBook for Free

Apple brings something new for you, unveiling its latest New MacBook Pro 2016, which varies 13 and 15 inches for the screen sizes. The new design features sixth-gen Intel Skylake processors, and obviously appears slimmer, thinner and lighter than the previous generation. And the most noticeably eye-catching new feature is the cool customisable Touch Bar above the keyboard.

Touch Bar on your Old MacBook

The touch-sensitive area above the keyboard is the Touch Bar. Instead of physical keys, the Touch Bar works to control the content being displayed on the screen in a more smart and convenient manner.

Suppose you are using an old MacBook, you can also try to install the Touch Bar to it. 

Important: You’ll need to update your system to the latest version of macOS Sierra to use these apps. The feature simply won’t work in older builds, so launch the Mac App Store app, head to the Updates tab and install any updates listed under Software Update.

Here goes an approach using Touch Bar Demo App like this:

Touch Bar on your Old MacBook

Virtualize the Touch bar programme on the old MacBook desktop. Seeing that the Touch Bar demo app Version 1.3 is available and accessible, let's click GitBub page to get the TouchBarDemoApp source code, download the ZIP and extract it, then drag the icon into your Applications folder. As the installation is done, launch a virtual Touch Bar to show on screen by pressing the fn key. Open the Touch Bar, all the function keys will be visible when holding the fn key; to close the Touch Bar, you just need to press the fn key again.

Alternatively, you can use this approach using Touche:

Touch Bar on your Old MacBook

The app Touche seems to be more interface-friendly, quite similar to other macOS apps. Install it from Red Sweater, create a virtual Touch Bar on your old MacBook's desktop. Touche will add a digital version of Touch Bar to your MacBook. It will just require the version  MacOS 10.12.1 to fulfill this application. When you are done installing, Touche will display the same controls with MacBook Pro touch Bar.

These above 2 apps are available to get the new Touch Bar on your old MacBook for free. In other words, you can use the Touch Bar without buying a new Apple MacBook Pro 2016.

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