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Brand-New Multi-Purpose Power Banks Roundup: 5 Best Portable Power Banks You Deserve

Everybody needs a portable power bank as backup power on the move. A reliable power bank is able to charge your mobile phone quickly when you find its battery almost running out. You will absolutely have no more dead battery when you are outside, thanks to such a pocket-sized cell phone-lookalike little gadget. Most power banks are designed with a pocket-friendly size. Other than the basic function, storing electric power and charging mobile devices, power banks are beginning to have more and more surprises for you.

A new trend of multi-purpose power banks is something you should not miss nowadays. A multi-purpose power bank is literally a power bank that gives you timely help in a few ways. For example, compared to the earliest stage of power banks, the latest ones can be used as a torch in case of need by a simple press on a button. Some can be used as a cigarette lighter. Some can be used as a solar panel. Some can even be used as a charger for different tablets with different connectors, you name it.

Let's start with a typical model that can be used for a world of devices. This portable multi-purpose solar power bank is rated at 12000mAh high capacity. It can charge most notebooks, cell phones and other USB-enabled devices. It can output 24V, 19V, 16V, 11.1V, 5.5V and USB 5V at about 500 to 4000mA. Its built-in battery is made up of 3.7 volts battery arrays for power bank battery performance. This solar charger can be recharged easily by direct sunlight or an AC outlet. This convenient power bank comes with quite a few different connectors for ensure its compatibility for notebooks of different brands.

This Poweradd solar power bank is a gorgeous thing to have for outdoor activities. With a high capacity 12000mAh, this Poweradd solar power bank can charge an iPhone 7 three times, Samsung S8 twice, a large capacity iPad Air 2 almost one time. The built-in Li-polymer battery and multi-protection system protect the power bank from over current and short circuit. It'll automatically turn itself off when short circuit or overloading occurs. Built with IPX7 waterproof material for the casing, the solar power bank works normally even in rainy days, at the same time it is shockproof as well as dust-proof, the included hook make it easy to be hang on your backpack. The bright LED lights are easy to control and adjust. Long press power button to turn them on, then short press power button, the lights will work as an SOS distress light in case of need. Besides, this solar power bank has a unique integrated cigarette lighter that's pretty helpful for smokers to light up a cigarette effortlessly.

This Aibocn Power Bank 20000mAh Portable External Charger works perfectly as a flashlight in the dark. Simply press the button, this portable power bank turns into a bright night torch for your camping or you can probably use it looking for something in your garage or barn when there's a blackout. Other than an emergency flashlight, this power bank is a classic high capacity portable charger with up to 20000mAh. It can hold quite a few charges for your mobile devices, like your smartphone, tablets and other USB devices. It has a portable handheld size. The lightweight and protable design makes it extremely easy to carry around for your outdoor activities. The dual USB port design allows you to charge 2 devices simultaneously.

Check this out: iRULU Portable Laptop Power Bank Battery Booster. This multifunctional power bank is a 600A Peak 13600mAh Car Emergency Jump Starter. It works greatly for car emargencies. It will jump your 4.5 Liter gas or 3 Liter diesel vehicle engine around 30 times on a single charge. It's definitely a high capacity power bank for all your USB devices. It also works as a compass, perfect for use in the jungle, desert etc. Moreover, it can be used as a bright flashlight with SOS function and emergency strobe. It's one of the best outdoor-friendly portable charger with multiple purposes that might serve you.

Multi-functional Smart Cup Car Charger, 3.4A 60W Dual USB Port 2 Socket Cigarette Lighter Splitter is definitely a fine piece of work that helps you in an all-round way. You can use it as a warning light, a common torch, a power bank, a car charger for all your activities and trips. It's designed with high output, up to 60W for maximum charge speed. The dual USB output can feed 2 devices at the same time.

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