Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Speaker Review: Best Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speakers 2018

Can you ever imagine that you are able to listen to some fantastic music all the way on your long journey?

Your Dedicated Travel Companion
Usually, to kill time on a long and tedious journey, you can have a nice little chat with your friends, or just enjoy some music. You don't need to worry about the audio effect outdoors or nasty cable chaos out there, because there are a great many wireless Bluetooth speaker options for you on the market.

Comes in Handy
Nowadays, many Bluetooth speakers are designed to compact, portable and very outdoor-friendly, as you plan to get close to the wild, you don't want to carry a bulky speaker around. A perfectly made Bluetooth speaker for travel is ideally not more than 3 pounds, and less than 10 X 4 X 4 inches for the maximum. A small, exquisite Bluetooth speaker with awesome Bluetooth connectivity can be easily tossed into your backpack.

Easy Bluetooth Pairing
Speaking of Bluetooth connectivity, many Bluetooth speakers have been updated to the latest versions, at the very least, Bluetooth 4.0 + LE. But still, Bluetooth 5 is not so often seen yet. The new Bluetooth version, above Bluetooth 4.0, makes it real quick to accomplish your connection.

Waterproof Speaker
Other than Bluetooth pairing, there's another aspect that you need to get to know, the waterproof rating. Many Bluetooth speakers are claimed to be super waterproof, and actually they are not so resistant to water. The fact is that many speakers can effectively resist water drops or splashes only, they fail to keep water off the shell when you accidentally drop them into water. Whereas, there are some authentic waterproof speaker with higher waterproof rating. They can be immersed deeply in water for a while, and when you get them out of the water, they still work normally.

Optimized Noise Cancellation
Among these options available on Amazon, a typically good wireless Bluetooth speaker can produce superb music effect with almost zero noise on the way. Better control of noise in Bluetooth speaker results in ultra clean sound just like home stereo system.

Let's check out the best Bluetooth speaker roundup so far in 2018. This list will showcase the admirable features of the best waterproof wireless Bluetooth speakers lately.

1. Poweradd MusicFly Indoor/Outdoor Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers
Bluetooth Speaker

Let's check out this well-reviewed Amazon's Choice, Poweradd MusicFly Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and see what's good for you:

It has impressively loud volume and energetic sound effect to make itself to work like a high-end home stereo system. Yet it's designed to be a small size. With built-in 2 X 13W stereo drivers and 2 X 5W passive subwoofers, this Bluetooth speaker gives you sensational surround sound outdoors. When it comes to waterproof rating, this waterproof Bluetooth speaker is really something. The IPX7 waterproof speaker enables it to work normally after dropping into water accidentally. Being one of the most outdoor-friendly speakers on the market, Poweradd MusicFly is not only waterproof, it's also resitant to sand, snow, dust etc. The solidly-built speaker is also shockproof.

Let's take a look at its Bluetooth version here: this speakers uses advanced Bluetooth 4.2 technology to ensure easy Bluetooth pairing. It can be effortlessly connected to Bluetooth-enabled devices in a few seconds within 33 feet wirelessly. Besides, Poweradd MusicFly has super long playtime to offer. Thanks to the built-in high-capacity rechargeable lithium-ion battery, you can keep your music playing all day long. You can even charge your tablet/phone with the charging port.

2. Bluetooth Speaker Portable Waterproof Outdoor IPX7 20W Hcman Wireless Speaker



Likewise, portable waterproof speaker is characterized as IPX7 fully waterproof Bluetooth speaker, which means that it can be totally immersed into water, up to 3 feet deep, up to half an hour, when you get it above water, it still works OK. An IPX7 waterproof speaker is ideal for travel, especially you would like to enjoy music on beach, on the side of swimming pool, or directly listen to your favorite music in your hot tub.

Owing to the advanced noise and wind reduction technology, you can enjoy high quality sound with this speaker. This speaker has a 3600mAh high capacity battery for up to 24 hours playtime. It takes you only about 6 hours to get this battery fully charged with the included Mircor USB cable.

3. VicTsing Shower Speaker, Wireless Waterproof Speaker with 5W Driver

mini speaker

This 5W Bluetooth speaker supports A2DP. It can streams incredible stereo sound with full range output, crystal clear sound. This speaker has been very popular on Amazon with being Amazon's Choice and 4.5-star rating for a long time. It has almost everything you need to use a speaker outside your house. For example, it has a useful suction cup that allows you to hang it somewhere, like a tree when outside. It has a powerful built-in Mic for handsfree speakerphone function. This works greatly when you need to use the speakerphone mode outdoors.

This wireless Bluetooth speaker supports a wide variety of Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as iPhone, iPad, HTC smartphones, PDA, tablets and so forth. The interface is uniquely made to work for outdoor use and indoor shower use. IPX4 waterproof enables it to keep water splashes off, but the speaker should not be immersed in water.

4. APIE Portable Wireless Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker IPX6 Waterproof Dual 10W Driversf


The APIE wireless Bluetooth speaker allows you to enjoy quick and easy Bluetooth pairing with Bluetooth 4.1 version. It pairs quickly and stays stably connected for natural music playing. With this speaker, you can enjoy clear, quality stereo sound with high volume wherever you are.

Based on a rechargeable 2200mAh built-in battery, you can have up to 10 hours playtime for music playing. The speaker is integrated with a built-in Mic for handsfree speakerphone for convenient phone calls. The speaker is built to be robust. It's shockproof to any accidental dropping. With waterproof rating IPX6, this wireless Bluetooth speaker has total protection from water splashes and spray, making it a workable speaker on beach, near swimming pool, shower tub etc.

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