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Best Power Strips with Surge Protection and Ergonomic Design

For the present, you can almost find a ton of inexpensive options for a power strip for home use here and there, both online and offline. However, to make connecting a few bulkier electrical appliances at home, without blocking other outlets, you'll need a dedicated power strip with surge protection for the safety of your electricity use in your household and office.

As a professional electrical product tester, I have to keep track of the latest developments in new high technologies in the applications of modern life. This blog is a summary of the following three best power strips with reliable surge protection and ergonomic design.

The benefits of the latest best power strip example roundup will be unveiled with full details on specification, functions and performance.

New power strips usually come in handy, with several outlets for multiple electrical appliances to connect. You would probably love the idea of a USB and AC outlet power strip. Let's check our top pick, #1, it's a typical USB and AC outlet combined power strip that will work as advertised.

# 1. Poweradd 5-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip with Dual Smart USB Ports and One Type-C Output

Poweradd 5-Outlet power strip surge protector is a professional multi-outlet power strip. It features 5 AC outlets, 2 Micro USB ports and 1 USB Type C port. With these AC outlets and USB ports, this power strip works as a great charging station for multiple electrical appliances and USB-compatible devices. You can connect your computer, electrical fan, fridge, as well as your smartphone, iPad, and other USB-C or USB-enabled devices. Thanks to the UL listed 3.3-foot-long strong power cord, this power strip is capable of providing power and charges for a good number of appliances and devices simultaneously.

AC Outlets & USB Ports:
The AC power expansion has 5 AC outlets to offer with 1625 watts power in total. It can accommodate up to 5 electrical appliances at the same time. It also has 2 smart Micro USB ports(with output rated up to 2.4A/5V per port) and a USB Type C port(with output rated up to 3A/5V) that will detect your devices automatically and deliver the maximum charging current to fulfill the charges.

Unique Design:
This round surge protector power strip has a unique design that's made compact and space-saving. More importantly, having a power strip with outlets and USB ports gathering in a round way will allow you to plug in and unplug your electrical appliances and USB devices more effortlessly. Each outlet and port is made so accessible. Besides, it has a built-in cord design. You can hide the power cord into the base when you don't use it. And you can have the length you want while connecting your appliances and devices somewhere they need a certain length of the power cord.

If you work in your office with the need to connect a few electrical appliances, like your computer, laser printer, air-conditioner, you'll eventually need a multi-outlet power strip. Here comes our #2 pick, which is a decent alternative for both office and home use.

#2. Tripp Lite 6 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip, 6ft Cord, 790 Joules, Black, 50K Insurance (TLP606B)

Compared to other multiple outlet power strips that work equally well, this Tripp Lite 6-outlet surge protector has 790 Joules surge suppression rating with EMi/RFI line noise filtering to help components perform at their peak. Other than these 6 outlets, it has a diagnostic LED to let user know the protection status. It can be used for a wide variety of applications thanks to the keyhole mounting tabs.

With independently verified surge-stopping power fully tested and certified to meet strict UL standards, this Tripp Lite surge protector is the smart choice for protecting your valuable equipment.

Ready for Home and Office
This power strip with impressive surge protection and absolute safety for electricity use will work perfectly for a great variety of high-power bulky electrical appliances, such as computer, printer, wireless router, monitor, TV set, sound system, electrical fan and so forth. The 6 protected AC outlets will meet the need of using up to 6 appliances at the same time.

What is the best power strip for ultra multiple electrical appliances? You would like to have one of these if you plan to get a long power strip that provides outlets for all the people in your office. Our #3 is a great option for people who use a lot of appliances and devices simultaneously.

#3. Power Strip, Lanshion Heavy Duty Metal Socket 16 Outlets with 15 Feet Long Cord and Circuit Breaker

Practical Design
The heavy duty metal socket 16 outlets make the power strip ideal for workshops, garages, school, laboratory, offices etc. You can have quick and easy access to AC outlets for bulky appliances you want to connect.

Durable Metal Housing
The highly durable metal housing feels extremely sturdy. The strong material lasts long with most reliable durability.

No. 1 Priority is Safety
The long power strip has a UL approved 15A circuit breaker that provides overload protection for your electrical appliances. The UL Listed quality product conforms to UL STD.NO.1363 and UL STD.NO.1449, and is fully certified with CAN/CSA STD.C22.2 No. 21 for UL safety standards.

Convenient Super Long Cord
Different from most power strips with normally long cords, this power strip has an insanely long cord for connecting your devices from a little farther away. The 15-foot-long heavy-duty cable is solidly built with a well-made NEMA 5-15P plug. With this 15 feet away extension, you can enjoy using your devices more comfortably without worrying about the length of the cord.


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