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Best Power Strips with Great Surge Protection and Absolute Safety for Your Home and Office

Nowadays poeple are more concerned about household electricity safety. Measures are taken to minimize the risks of electric shocks, short-circuit in electrical appliances, fire and burns caused by poor cables or circuits. Probably you have heard a lot of tragedies related to using electrical appliances or power strips of low quality.

To avoid accidents of such kind, it's very important for you to replace your old, defective power strips. New replacements should be quality ones with reliable performance and fire-retardant materials. Power strips have become surge protectors with more purposes, like USB ports, multiple AC outlets etc. Most up-to-date power strips are solidly built with strong heavy-duty cords which contains 100% pure copper wire built in. Such heavy-duty cables are able to transfer great amount of electric current without getting too hot too quickly. And they are able to support more than just one, maybe up to 3 to 7 AC outlets. 

New power strips with USB ports are a new type of multi-functional power strips for office and home. They can solve the charging problem for a few USB devices and several AC electrical appliances by offering more outlets and USB output ports in one single power strip. To meet these requirements, these power strips have to be built solidly with most reliable components and quality circuitry.

Let's check out several best power strips with great surge protection and absolute safety for your home and office.

1. Poweradd Power Strip Surge Protector, Multi Outlets with Smart USB Ports 6-foot Heavy Extension Cord (3 Outlets + 3 USB Ports

Let's see what this Poweradd power strip has to offer. It's an Amazon's Choice with over 1,000 reivews, over 4.5 stars rating on average. This 300 joules energy saving power strip has great ergonomics for users. It has 3 AC outlets and 3 USB ports, which make it easy for multiple electrical appliances and mobile devices. It has a mounting holes that allow you to hang the power strip on the wall. The surge protector power strip has high efficiency for the USB ports, up to 2.4A per port, with total output 3A/15W. This power strip is made of fire-resistant shell, highly conductive copper and reliable electronic components. It comes with a 5-foot-long UL Listed heavy-duty power cord to support multiple electrical appliances' connection. The surge protector has built-in protection against surge, spikes, overload, short circuit, over heating etc.

2.  iClever BoostStrip IC-BS02 Smart Power Strip | USB Charger with 4 USB + 3 AC Outlets, Dual Switch Control Charging Station

This iClever power strip has 4 USB ports and 3 AC outlets, separate switch control, 1250W rated power. The power strip is made of highly durable 94V0 fire-retardant materials for great protection. It works as a charging station for a few USB devices and electrical appliances. The separate switch control helps prevent high temperature, fire, sparks, and other damages. The 94V0 fire retardance can stand up to 750 Celcius degrees high temperature for safety.

3. Power Strip Surge Protector, RAVPower 8-Outlet with 3 iSmart USB Charging Ports (2.1Amp) and 6 Foot Extension Cord Power Cord, 720 Joules.

This RAVPower power strip has 8 standard 3-prong grounded NEMA 5-15 power outlets and 3 USB charging ports. This is one of the most typical power strips with multiple outlets and USB ports which will meet the need of power expansion of multiple electrical appliances and UBS devices. The surge protector can automatically turn itself off to protect the connected devices when it detects voltage surge is acting in an abnormal way. The power strip is compact and light. It has a 6 feet long heavy-duty power cord and fire-resistant material for the power strip.  

4. 10Ft 6-Outlet Perpendicular Power Strip

This 6 Outlet Power Strip is UL listed and designed with an integrated 15 Amp circuit breaker for overload protection on all outlets. These UL listed power strips enjoy official UL standards for quality and safety. It's very important for you to buy power strips with UL listed certification. This power strip has a 10-foot heavy duty extension cord for convenient connection. The power strip features AC 125V, 15A, 1875W high specifications and it can do its job well for your home and office appliances, like computers.

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