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Best Fitness Apps for Apple Watch Series 2 in 2017

An Apple Watch, especially the Apple Watch Series 2 has been such a highly admirable new tech gadget in 2017, needless to say it's been so popular since 2016. What makes Apple Watch 2 so intriguing and addictive? Apple Watch Series 2 has outstanding features and performance for you to enjoy the fun and conveniences by new technologies and inspiring ideas on the horizon.

Apple Watch 2 lights up your life with improved built-in GPS, reliable water resistance to 50 meters, a lightning dual-core processor and brighter display. You will love all its new features that help you stay active, fully connected and cool. Amongst all that Apple Watch Series 2 can do for you, it has exciting fitness apps for you to make your day meaningful and memorable.

Best Fitness App

A few most typical best fitness apps for Apple watch series 2 in 2017 have been well listed and shared in this blog. You will find them incredibly amazing and really helpful to your fitness and entertainment when you want to build up a robust and healthy body or just want to relax a little.

1. Nike+ Running App

Best Fitness App

Having Nike+ Running in your Apple watch series 2 will surely make your training most efficient. It simply gives you a most accessible record to track your fitness. And it's able to quickly analyze and evaluate how you are doing with your fitness by marking scores for you. Nike+ Running is a perfect everyday fitness app.

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2. Endomondo Running App


Best Fitness App

Endomondo is an excellent health app for your workout using Apple watch. This app tracks and saves your running records. Keep tracking the way you are improving your fitness could be interesting.

3. Strava Running and Cycling GPS

Best Fitness App

Strava Running and Cycling GPS allows you to easily track your exercise and keeps you well informed of the process in details. Fitness records and workout plans can be shared with your friends on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It's a great app for tacking running and cycling.

4. Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker

Best Fitness App

This fitness app gives you detailed instructions for recommended food choices and accurate calorie counting. It's a helpful health app to work with Apple watch to help people keep fit and lose weight. For long time exercise, an Apple watch stand comes in handy as your Apple watch might need recharging. View Poweradd Apple watch stand with an adjustable magnetic charging cable. Real time updates for your workout are available.

5. Lose It!

Best Fitness App

Speaking of losing weight, this app seems to be more straightforward when you read its name, Lose It! Everybody wants to lose excessive weight to stay health and look better. Lose It is an effective weight loss app. It has easy workout goal setting and exercise tracking and food choices and workout types are also recommended for you.

These Apps are the best heal & fitness Apps for your Apple Watch Series 2 in 2017. You can easily handle these fitness apps because of Apple Watch's easy pairing with Bluetooth headphones. And since the health apps are so user-friendly, you can get access to easy health and fitness tracking for your wonderful fitness life.

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