Pocket 5000mAh Portable Charger

Best Pocket 5000mAh Portable Charger USB Mobile and Tablet Power Stick

Sometimes, it's a hell of a lot better to carry a portable power stick than a bulky power bank. The stick style power bank is more popular due to its pocket-friendly size. You can freely toss it in your purse or pocket easily wherever you go.

Usually a power stick is not rated too high battery capacity, whereas, 5000mAh is enough to cater to your needs on the way. When you search for the best power stick by keying in "power stick" in Amazon, you will surprisingly have quite a lot of awesome power sticks in sight.


Among these exquisite designs, Poweradd Slim2 with a conspicuous sign "Amazon's Choice" will apparently draw your attention. Amazon's Choice means a lot to this power stick, namely, Amazon strongly recommend this power stick to buyers without boasting, because of its neat and practical design and performance.

Pocket 5000mAh Portable Charger

Let's find out why Poweradd Upgraded Slim2 5000mAh power stick deserves this trophy. Despite small size, it has a reliable 5000mAh battery capacity which will power your cellphone up without a hitch. The lip-stick power stick is solidly built with a rigid casing that's durable enough to stand wear and tear. The robust structure is well made to be resistant to accidental drops and bumps. With a whole bulk 3.9*1.3*1.2 inches, the name "Slim" is bestowed upon the power stick. Besides, it enjoys an overall good rating in Amazon with  2,359 customer reviews, most of which are positive, making it incredibly popular.

Pocket 5000mAh Portable Charger

If you are in the mood for the best pocket 5000mAh power bank, it's glaringly obvious to visit Amazon and make Amazon's choice your best choice. Poweradd Slim2 power stick, the eye-catcher, will be absolutely worth the deal.


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