Surge Protector Power Strips

10 Multi-Purpose Surge Protector Power Strips That Will Protect Your Household

The collection of the best multi-functional USB power strips with surge protection you can shop on Amazon.

Still suffering the risks of a burning power strip? Or still fighting over for one single AC outlet? Or struggling over the connection of a USB port from a computer? Now, with a multi USB and outlet power strip based on UL Listed certification for reliability in quality, this trouble is all gone.

Perhaps you still don’t realize the impressive perfection that modern surge protectors with USB have showed around the world because of the latest technologies in surge protection and appliance safety. For those who are looking to improvement of household electricity safety and simplification of power connection for multiple electrical appliances and mobile USB devices, the new type of power strips with heavy-duty cords, multiple USB ports and AC outlets are the ideal choice among various power strips that may be seen on the market.

Surge Protector Power Strips

As far as a most reliable new multi-functional surge protector power strip is concerned, what features would you expect it to have to offer? Conservatively, 5 major features that will meet your expectations should be involved for the sake of safety and capabilities.

1. Surge Protection
The newest models of high-quality power strips are designed to protect electrical devices from voltage spikes. A surge protector attempts to limit the voltage supplied to an electric device by either blocking or shorting to ground any unwanted voltages above a safe threshold for protection. The capability of surge protection will depend on a power strip's Joules rating and response time.

2. USB Ports
This will greatly simplify your USB connection by providing quite a few USB ports from an AC-based power strip. The USB design on power strip makes it a real multi-purpose power strip. Charging a few USB devices, like your smartphone or iPad, will be a breeze then.

3. Enough Power
We will love to use a power strip when it does serve its purpose. A useful power strip will work perfectly with its powerful rating that's able to support a few AC outlets and multiple USB ports for electrical devices to work simultaneously. That powerful rating also includes the power cord, because a strong, heavy-duty power cord has the ability to deliver enough power to feed so many devices at the same time without any overloading issues.

4. Safety
Many details on the power strip's design will make it more reliable and safe to use. For example, a safe power strip requires a well-organized layout for the AC outlets and USB ports, as well as the power switches. Many good ones feature enough distance between each outlet and USB port to avoid any over heating, or burning problems. They also have unique separate switch control for better safety.

5. UL Listed Quality
The UL listed power strips enjoy official UL standards for quality and safety. They represent trustworthy quality overall, in a way. Hence, it's very important to buy power strips with UL listed certification.

Below are 10 Multi-Purpose Surge Protector Power Strips that meet the above standards and requirements to be safe and superior in quality.

1. Poweradd Surge Protector Power Strip (4-Outlets & 4-Ports USB) with UK/AU/EU Adapters

Surge Protector Power Strips

This Poweradd surge protector power strip enjoys Amazon's #1 Best Seller. It has 4 USB ports and 4 AC outlets, US/UK/AU/EU Adapters, 2500W/10A, 6ft Heavy Cord, 3500 Joules for surge protection.

2. OOLLWW Surge Protector UL Listed 6 Outlet Wall Mount Power Strip

Surge Protector Power Strips

This UL Certified power strip has 3 USB ports, 6 AC outlets, 1700 Joules rating for surge protection, and a 4.9 feet heavy-duty power cord.

3. Bestten 4-Outlet Power Strip 1875W 15A 900 Joule Surge Protector

Surge Protector Power Strips

This Bestten surge protector has 4 USB ports & 4 AC outlets (110-125V), 900 Joules surge suppression rating, 9-foot-long strong power cord.

4. UL listed Poweradd 6-Outlet Swivel Power Strip Surge Protector

Surge Protector Power Strips

This Poweradd surge protector has 6 180 degrees rotating AC outlets, 2 smart USb ports 3.4 output in total, and a 6-foot-long 15A heavy duty power cord and 1080 Joules surge supressor.

5. iClever BoostStrip IC-BS02 Smart Power Strip

Surge Protector Power Strips

This iClever power strip has 4 USB ports and 3 AC outlets, separate switch control, 1250W rated power. It's very durable with 94V0 fire-proof materials.

6. Anker 6 Outlet, 4 USB Port PowerStrip/Surge Protector PowerPort Strip

Surge Protector Power Strips

This Anker multiple outlet power strip has 4 USB ports, 6 AC outlets, and built with a fire-resistant 5-foot-long power cord.

7. RAVPower 8-Outlet 700 Joule Surge Protector

Surge Protector Power Strips

This RAVPower power strip is great for home and office, with 8 standard 3-prong grounded NEMA 5-15 power outlets and 3 USB charging ports.

8. AUKEY Power Strip with 4 USB Ports and 4 Outlets & 5ft Power Cord

Surge Protector Power Strips

This Aukey power strip works greatly for your household devices and mobile devices with its 4 USB ports, 4 AC outlets and 5 feet strong power cord.

9. EZOPower Desktop UL LISTED Charger Station

Surge Protector Power Strips

This power strip is a great surge protector that has 3 AC outlets, 6.3A 3 USB ports and built-in holder slot for your smartphone or tablet.

10. OUTTAG 4-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip

Surge Protector Power Strips

This power strip is also a good recommendation for its UL listed quality. It has 3 smart USB ports, a 6 feet 14 AWG power cord and 4 powerful AC outlets.  

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