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UL Listed Surge Protector 3 Outlet Power Strip USB Adapter Electrical Outlet

  • Wall Mount UL Listed Surge Protector 3 Outlet Power Strip USB Adapter Electrical Outlet

    Power Strip Features:

    • Creative wall mount power strip: it comes with screws and screw driver for you to easily mount it into the wall, one of the most user-friendly USB power strip charger with surge protection especially for traveling.
    • Smart USB wall charger: this USB surge protector has dual USB ports for your USB devices to charge, auto output current detection, for the fast charging speed, up to 2.4A per port.
    • Reliable Surge Suppressor Power Strip: 3 AC outlets for multiple electrical appliances to connect, with 1080 joules for surge protection to prevent voltage spikes and surges.
    • Advanced X3 MOV Technology: with Metal Oxide Varistor built in, the USB power strip is extremely resistant to over heating and fire.
    • Smart LED Indicator: this UL listed surge protector has smart LED indicator that shows you different colors for the loading status for your appliances and USB devices.
      New X3 MOV(Metal Oxide Varistor) Technology

      The X3 MOV is the most advanced MOV technology available due to its capability of high-energy dissipation, over heating protection and fire resistance, making this USB power strip a fireproof and safe surge protector to use.

      Wall-Mountable Design with 3 AC Outlets

      Poweradd 3 AC outlets Power Strip is wall-mountable power strip that has saves your space on the floor or on the desk, making it more convenient for your room. The 3 AC outlets allow you to connect 3 electrical appliances simultaneously. It's an ideal multi outlet power strip for desktop computer, audio speaker, phone, fax, modem, hair dryer and other peripherals.

      Dual USB Port Design

      This power strip also works as a USB adapter. It has two smart USB ports for you to charge your USB devices, such as tablets, smartphone etc. Port A is designed for quick charge and Port B charges devices at a standard charging speed.

      Smart LED Indicator with Changing Colors

      The LED indicator clearly shows you the loading status of your devices:
      Normal Level: Green: 75%
      Attention: Orange: 76%~85%
      Warning: Red: 86%~95%
      Near Overloading: Red Flashing:96%

      Specifications -- Electrical Plugs With USB Ports
      Electrical Rating: 15A , 120VAC , 60Hz , 1800Watts
      UL Clamping Voltage: L-N 500V, L-G 500V, N-G 500V
      Surge Energy Joule Rating: 540 Joules
      EMI/RFI Noise Filter: 40dB ,150KHz ~ 100MHz
      Response Time: < 1 Nanosecond (Yes / No)-Yes
      Max. Spike Current: 36,000A
      MAX. Spike Voltage(V): 6 KV
      USB Charger: 2-port (5V / 2.4A in total)

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