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20W Dual USB Poweradd Solar Power Bank , Solar Panel iPad Charger


  • 20W Dual USB Poweradd Solar Power Bank , Solar Panel IPad Charger
  • Undoubted High Efficiency Solar Charger

    Poweradd solar panel portable charger has a significant breakthrough in the aspect of solar conversion rate. Compared with similar products which only reach 15% approximately, Poweradd's 22% high solar conversion with up to 5V/2000mAh output obviously puts itself in a prime position.

    Powerful Voltage Regulator

    Since unstable sunlight would lead to unstable current and voltage which might damage your devices, a high-tech voltage regulator is equipped as a cure for the problem. In this case, the safety of your charging and the lifespan of your devices will be fully guaranteed.

    Time-saving Simultaneous 2 Devices Charging

    The dual USB solar charger will amazingly impress you by charging 2 of your devices at the same time. This unique design meets your need of using two devices indulgingly.

    Unprecedented Portability

    The lightweight solar panel USB battery charger weighs only 680 g, only half of frequently-seen similar products in the market, and measures only 264.92 x 154.94 x 4.82 mm folded, and 789.94 x 264.92 x 2.03 mm unfolded. And an eyehole hook design makes it easier to carry and attach. Such compact and portable solar panel is absolutely one of your unprecedented experiences.

    Solar Charger for USB Devices

    The solar panel portable charger is widely compatible to all 5V USB-enabled devices, including usual smart phones, pads and tablets, such as iPhone 7s Plus 7 6s 6, iPad, iPod, Samsung, HTC, LG, Nexus, Gopro, MP3 Players, External Batteries.

    High Quality Solar Portable Battery Charger
    PET laminated solar panels with high-wear PVC fabric, ensures waterproof and weather-resistant durability.

    Easy to Handle

    Place the solar panel to a sunshiny spot, unfold it and connect it to your device through the USB output port. With the strong sunlight, your device will be filled up with power pretty soon.

    Package Contents:
    20W Foldable Solar Battery Charger,
    Micro USB Cable,
    User Manual,

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