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Poweradd Pilot F1 5 X 5200mAh Powerbank Dispenser Docking Station


  • Share power with your friend and famliy to have fun now.

    A brand-new upgraded dispenser charging station set including five 5200mAh power banks combined.

      • Each power bank has dual USB ports: a 5V 2.4A port and a 5V 1A port.
      • Perfect compatibility: USB1 for Apple devices and USB2 for Android devices
      • This combination of battery pack offers quick and convenient recharge with its portable size and creative design.

        Powerful Battery Pack

        The 5-powerbank set has dual USB design for each power bank(USB1: 5V/2.4A max, USB2: 5V/1A). Usually, USB1 works for Apple devices and USB2 works for Android devices ideally.

        Innovation and Decoration

        This 5-powerbank set is more than just a battery pack. This unprecedented design is for multiple devices' recharge in office, at home, in study, hotel, you name it. Thanks to its portable size, you can enjoy the conveniences for recharging your devices as well as the decoration as a charging unit. The design is cool and practical for office and household.

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