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Poweradd ChargerCenterⅡ , Compact Portable Generator Power Inverter 370Wh/100000mAh

Poweradd ChargerCenterⅡ , Compact Portable Generator Power Inverter 370Wh/100000mAh

Portable Power Inverter Charging Station:
The compact power source generator is an outdoor friendly alternate power supply.
It provides backup power for your mobile phone, laptop, tablets and more other devices when you need to use them outdoors.
This power inverter has multiple output ports, including a 12V car socket, a 110V AC outlet(for devices up to 100W), 3 standard Micro USB ports and 1 Quick Charge USB port.
The 2nd generation of Poweradd ChargerCenter is designed to be small, compact and portable, slightly bigger than its previous generation though.
The built-in high quality Samsung/LG 18650 batteries are safely and compactly equipped in this unit.
Poweradd ChargerCenter has high capacity 100000mAh/3.7V(34260mAh/10.8V) to meet the need for multiple USB devices, smartphones, laptops, tablets to get charged conveniently.
This powerful power source is able to give 32 charges to an iPhone 7, or 8 charges to an iPad Pro 9.7", or 21 charges to Galaxy S8.

Power Inverter with Total Protection:
Poweradd portable generator uses Battery Mangement System (BMS) to improve battery utilization for battery efficiency and maintenance. The unit has total intelligent protection to keep your devices safe from overload, short circuit, surges, spikes, excessive heat, unstable current and voltage. Poweradd ChargerCenter is integrated with advanced Texas Instruments (TI) chips for better performance of safety.

High Battery Capacity and Small Size:
Poweradd ChargerCenter II features super high capacity and power rating 100000mAh/370Wh, which is extremely powerful to power multiple devices simultaneously. Despite such high power and capacity rating, the unit is designed to be compact and portable. Thanks to the quality first-rate Lithium-ion batteries from Samsung and LG densely built in, the whole unit is robustly built to be solid and lightweight. It's ideal for users to carry this ChargerCenter for outdoor activities.

Wide Application:
This compact generator can be widely used for a great many devices, such as smartphones, tablets(Kindle, iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Nokia, Nexus, Motorola, Blackberry etc.), GPS, Nintendo Switch NS PSP PS4 Game Controller, Digital Camera, Bluetooth Speaker/Headphones, Mp3 Players and more other devices. The poewr inverter comes with 10 different adapter plugs for perfect compatibility with most laptops, notebooks, such as Sony Dell HP Toshiba Samsung Lenovo Acer Asus etc.

This Poweradd ChargerCenter II power inverter comes with quite a few accessories for great conveniences, including 1 Adapter, 1 Car Charger CP10, 1 DC Cable, 10 Connectors, 2 Spare Fuzes, 1 Dustproof Ring and a User Guide.

Battery Type: Samsung/LG Li-ion Battery
Capacity: 100000/3.7V=34260mAh/10.8V
Input: DC 12-24V
Output: DC outputs + USB outputs (Max 100W)
DC(12V/5A*2, 19V/4A) Max 80W
DC 9-12.6V/15A
4*USB Max 56W
USB1 5V/2.4A, USB2 5V/2.4A, USB3 5V/2.4A
USB4 (5V/3A, 9V/2A)
Size: 225*100*100mm
Weight: 2885 ±50g

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