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Poweradd Power Bank Carmate Pro Portable Car Battery Jump Starter

  • Poweradd Power Bank Carmate Pro Portable Car Battery Jump Starter

    Upgraded version: Peak current 500A enables you to jump start your car, for up to 6L gas or 2.5L diesel engines.

    • Total protection: Reverse Polarity & Inverse Current Protection, Surge Protection, Overcharge Protection, Short Circuit Prevention, High Temperature Protection.
    • Unique Low Temperature Start Function: Start car engine easily at low temperature -4℉ (-20℃). Good to store at 176℉ (80℃) for up to 8 hrs and works normally as well.
    • Compact Design: small size 5.4*2.7*1 inches; lightweight and portable. With a 6000mAh capacity, charges your devices via 2 Amps.

    Stable and Safe

    Carmate Pro car jump starter offers total protection against short circuit, reverse polarity, inverse current, clamp looseness, over voltage, low voltage, over temperature, over current, overloading, spark and battery detection. It's user-friendly and functions well.

    Portable and Powerful

    Carmate Pro car jump starter is designed to be very pocket-friendly, by the portable size of 5.4*2.7*1 inches. Despite compact size, it can easily start your car (up to 6L gas or 2.5L diesel engine) with 500 Amps of peak current, even at the low temperature of -4℉ (-20℃).

    Steps to Start Your Car Engine

    1. Press the power button and make sure the jump starter is over 60% charged (3 LED).

    2. Insert jumper cables into the 12V jumping port.

    3. Connect red clamp to "+" terminal and black clamp to "-" terminal of car battery (Wrong connection is safe due to reverse polarity protection).

    4. Start vehicle when jumper cable indicator light turns on.

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