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Poweradd 14W Solar Panel USB Charger , Portable Solar Battery Charger For iPhone

  • Poweradd 14W Solar Panel USB Charger , Portable Solar Battery Charger For iPhone
  • 1. Highest Conversion Currently

    Poweradd solar panel has a solar conversion rate up to 22%. Compared to this high efficiency, those who only reach 15% or lower in the market prove much inferior.

    2. Great Assistance from Voltage Regulator

    The unique voltage regulator equipped in Poweradd solar panel succeeds in debugging the unstable sunlight problem. The perfect avoidance of unstable voltage and current practically results in a definite prolongation of your devices' lifespan.

    3. Charge Wherever the Sun Shines

    No matter when you venture in the desert, or you are on a sunny beach vacation, where there is sunlight, there is an endless supply of power. The newly-developed solar conversion technology has an ideal application in the solar panel. When you go traveling or hiking, take this solar panel with you, you can indulge yourself with your cellphone or a Pad pretty happily without worrying about the power consumption. Because, with 22% high solar transformation and 5V/2000mA output, despite a huge drain, your devices will be charged up rather shortly.

    4. Small Size and Super Portability

    For all its superior performance and extraordinary high efficiency, the whole bulk of the solar panel appears quite low-key. It has a folding size of 299 x 160 x 20 mm and an unfolding size of 470 x 299 x 3.81 mm, which is small enough for carrying and packing. Besides, it only weighs 489g, just half the weight of other normal 14W solar panels in the market. The small size and portability makes the solar panel more popular. The well-placed eyehole hook is very convenient for attaching your charging devices.

    5. The Huge Compatibility

    Thanks to the widely used USB output port, the solar panel is hugely compatible to a wide variety of electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets, cameras and other 5V USB-charged devices.

    6. Durable Canvas, Easy Operation

    Made of durable high-class polyester canvas, the solar panel is waterproof and weather-resistant in outdoor field environment. In addition, this eye-catcher is very easy to use. Simply unfold the Poweradd solar panel in a place in the sunlight and connect your device to the USB output port. By easy operation like that, your devices can be charged in such a casual way.

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