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Dual Output Smart Power Bank Charger For iPad , Samsung Galaxy Note

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3.4A Dual Output Smart Power Bank Charger For iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Note




Pilot 5GS 20000mAh Power bank Features:

  • Huge Capacity: 20000mAh power bank provides 8 charges for an iPhone 6S, or 5 charges for a Samsung Galaxy S6, one and a half charge for an iPad Air 2.
  • Use-friendly Design & Fashionable Style: Almost same size as an iPhone 6 Plus, easy to hold in hand; with aluminum alloy coated finish.
  • Fast Charge & Recharge: Pilot 5GS features a 2.1A input, which requires only 10 hours to fully recharge with a 2A adapter; dual output ports provide fastest charging speed up to 3.4A per port.
  • Safety Protection: Ultra reliable imported SANYO battery cell with over 500 charge cycles; Security protection from short-circuit and over-current protection. This portable power bank will turn itself off if a short circuit or overload output occurs during charging.
  • What You Get: Poweradd Pilot 5GS Power Bank x 1, Micro USB Cable x 1, User Manual x 1, Feedback Card x 1; Poweradd Offers 30-Day Money Back within 24-Month limited product warranty, 24h*7d friendly customer service supported.

Poweradd High Capacity Power Bank

Poweradd High Capacity Power Bank, with 20000mAh capacity, New Metal 3.8V Portable Charger Battery Pack gives great conveniences to charge all your mobile devices, USB devices.

Poweradd 3.8V Battery Charger

Pilot 5GS 20000mAh high capacity battery charger has a 3.8V battery chip which features a 4.35V limited voltage during charging while the commonly-seen 3.7V battery chips are 4.2V. 3.8V battery cell has a longer lifespan and supports more charging cycles.

Powerful Battery Life by First-rate Battery Cell

This portable power bank with 20000mAh capacity is engineered with a first class Sanyo Li-ion battery cell. This high quality Li-ion battery cell has greater duration, charge cycles to recharge all your USB devices.

Poweradd Smart Charge

  • This portable high quality power bank has Poweradd's Smart Charge technology. The Smart Identification output, will automatically identify your devices and deliver the fastest charging speed up to 3.4A per port.
  • This battery charger has a quick 5V/2.1A input, which will largely save your time charging the power bank itself fully.

Compact Power Bank

  • Despite 20000mAh high battery capacity, this power bank is well made to be extremely compact in size, 6.7 x 2.7 x 0.8 inches. It's designed to be small, portable and lightweight to ensure the portability as mobile power bank for users.
  • Rounded shape design for the long sides, and the aviation aluminum coated finish make the power bank very durable and easy to hold in hand.

Use Tips:
1. Due to safety purpose, the power bank you receive will not come with 100% capacity, please fully charge it before first use to get better performance.
3. Use the included cable, your original cable or a third-party certified one.
4. Do not drop, knock, disassemble or attempt to repair the mobile power by yourself.

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