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Pilot X7 Poweradd Portable Charger 20000mAh External Battery Power Bank Blue

  • Pilot X7 Poweradd Portable Charger 20000mAh External Battery Power Bank Blue Color

    Poweradd Pilot X7 Power Bank Features:

    Smart Charging - Auto detect the input current of the connected devices and deliver the fully-intended charge speed up to 2.1 amps, total current 3.1 amps.
    Monster Energy - Add 8 charges to an iPhone 6S/6, 5 charges to an iPhone 6 Plus, or 2 charges to an iPad Mini 3.
    Quick Recharge - Use a 2amp AC adapter (sold separately) to recharge the Pilot X7 in 10 hours (most power banks feature only 1 amp input)
    Reliable Quality - premium battery cells support 500+ charge cycles and better safety guarantee.
    Industry-Leading Warranty: 24-Months limited product warranty and easy-to-reach customer service.

    Huge Capacity 20000mAh Battery Pack - Never run out of power, Keep your devices charged up

    Poweradd Pilot X7 external portable battery charger is an upgraded power bank battery pack that features ultra high capacity 20000mAh. This 20000mAh portable USB battery charger, based on a full charge, can charge an iPhone 6 eight and a half times, or a Samsung Galaxy S6 three times, or a large capacity device, such as an iPad Air 2 almost one time.

    Advanced Technology Auto Detection for Output Current

    This power bank battery charger has unique Auto Detection for output current, which will optimize its output current for fastest charging speed. It will automatically recognize a certain USB device plugged in and offer maximum output current to greatly save the time charging.

    Dual USB Port Power Bank

  • With a user-friendly dual port design, this lightweight compact power bank can charge two devices simultaneously, 2.1A max for each port.

    Quick Charger Power Bank To Save Your Time

    Based on a huge capacity 20000mAh, 2A input design and 2.1A output design, this poweradd power bank 20000mAh will greatly save your time charging the power bank itself and charging your USB-enabled devices.

    Excellent Quality Bank Battery Charger

    With grade A Lithium-ion battery cells built in, this poweradd portable charger will offer you great efficiency in recharging your devices and absolute safety in use. The built-in protection system will protect your devices against excessive current, unstable voltage, over heating, over charge, over discharge and short circuit.

    Best Power Bank Cell Phone Charger

  • This portable battery backup power bank has highly durable housing that will stand wear and tear. This compact power bank is lightweight and easy to carry around because of a pocket-friendly size. It's a perfect portable power bank on the go.

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