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The Best Car USB Chargers for Your Car on the Road

by Ebay Lepower April 24, 2017

Power on the road is of crucial importance, especailly when you are in need of power for some emergency. Although all your mobile devices perhaps hold a charge long enough for you to stay in touch with the world outside your vehicle, using them too frequently may make the battery run out eventually. A real life saver could be a powerful power bank that can provide timely and efficient backup power for your smartphone, tablets and other devices. But a power bank needs to be charged up beforehand, a more popular helper designed for cars is a car USB charger.

A reliable car USB charger is capable of charging up all your mobile devices. This enables you to make phone calls, play music, use GPS system and so on, without worrying the battery life of your devices.

5 Best Car USB Chargers on Amazon for Recommendation

1. Poweradd 40W/8A 4-Port USB Car Charger
Poweradd 4-Port USB car charger is an upgraded new design for multiple USB devices to get charges at the same time. It's a good USB car charger that can be shared with all people in your car. This is pretty awesome for family road trips. Each USB ports is rated 2.4A, the output current is able to achieve quick charges for your devices. It has great protection against overcharge for your devices with the built-in safety system. Poweradd's Smart Charge Technology has been put in this design, which allows your different devices to get charged by the fastest charging speed because the smart USB ports can automatically detect a certain USB device's need and output the maximum current for it. It has a super long warranty, 2 years.

2. Aibocn 3.4A 17W Dual USB Port Car Charger
Aibocn Dual USB Car Charger is tastefully decorated to be pure white for the color. The simplified and refreshing brand new design will definitely go with the luxury inside your car. This newly-designed USB car adapter has a 2.4 output USB port and a 1.0A output USB port. These USB ports will meet your need for different USB-enabled devices. It has nice small LED indicators to show how the charge is going and intelligent circuit built in to prevent issues, like over charge, over heating etc. One typical feature of this USB car adapter is that it will automatically stop charging when the battery is fully charged.

3. AUKEY CC-S1 Car Charger
Aukey CC-S1 USB Car Charger has 2 USB ports, 2.4A per port. And these two USB ports are designed to be compact and comfortable in use. It's just like, this USB car charger has turned an unused cigarette lighter outlet in your car into two powerful USB charging ports that sit nearly flush to the surface of the outlet. Aukey USB car charger has advanced safeguard built in to prevent excessive current, overheating and overcharging, keeping your battery safe and healthy.

4. Anker Quick Charge 3.0 39W Dual USB Car Charger
Anker Dual USB car charger features Quick Charge 3.0 technology, which will complete 80% battery capacity within 35 minutes. And it's downward compatible with non-Quick Charge devices. The two ports provide your devices 39w high power to make quick charges. This USB car charger has a fine finish and compact build. It has a 18-month warranty. Every details of this car charger is so good except for the price, $24.99, which seems a little higher.

5. ONSON Car Charger,15.5W 3.1A Rapid Dual Port USB
Now ONSON is showing you something different. This USB car charger is solidly built to be as robust as a hammer. And it's advertised to work as hammer when necessary. This car charger is made of aluminum and stainless steel. It could a little heavier for you to hold in hand though. It has a DC12-24V input and 5.0V/3.1A output design. These specifications are good enough to provide optimal charging efficiency for your USB-enabled devices.

Among so many powerful car USB chargers, some of them will fit your car most. It would be a worthwhile investment for you if you are often on road trips.


Ebay Lepower
Ebay Lepower

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